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About Emily Wang

Short Story ContestThis story is about a flea family. I got the idea when I thought of my science class. I have read a lot of books about fleas, which inspired me. I wanted this story to be a cheerful combination of humor and adventure.
Actually, it is the third year for me to learn English. I still remember how nervous and embarrassed I was when I first stepped into the classroom knowing nothing about the language.

Now as a 4th grader at Walter Hays Elementary, I have been benefitting so much from reading. Those wonderful books in the library make me so fascinated in. Thus, I began to write my own story!

When I grow up, I want to be a pediatrician. Of course, I will keep on writing. I would like to put my story books in the waiting room for my young patients to enjoy!

by Emily Wang

Is anybody there? A tiny flea, Itch, looked around the pitch-black room, but saw nothing; everybody was sleeping on the enormous lace mattress. For a very small flea, the mattress looked as big as Yellowstone National Park.

The flea wove in and out of the lace threads, climbed over the cliff-sized lace pillow, and crawled on top of the King's wide flat nose. After taking a big breath, the flea bit the King's nose; it was a good bite, right in the middle of the King's nose.

The next morning, the King woke up, itching all over. He asked the Queen if there were any flea bites on him.
"It's on your nose!" the Queen yelled, before running out of the room (she was allergic to fleas). Moments later, she cautiously stepped into the room with red blotches all over her.

"Get that flea!" she screeched.

Heavy boots clomped through the hallway. All of the knights were trying to catch fleas. The King even stopped a royal battle to call his royal knights back home to catch fleas.

"What a shame, a shame," the enemy King sang haughtily, "the King has to catch fleas and can't fight!"
Back in the castle, the Queen was hysterical. She wailed and moaned, until everybody, even the flea family was, annoyed.

Days later, trouble struck the flea family; the King's knights had discovered their beloved nest! They stamped and stomped and sat tightly on Itch until he couldn't breathe. With his last bit of strength, Itch said to his little son, Itchy II, "My dear, continue my job of biting the King's nose for me," before passing away.

That night, when Itchy II snuck into the King's bedroom, he remembered his father's dying words. And he decided that he would fulfill his father's wish. After a deep breath, he bit the king on the nose.

The next morning at the breakfast table, the Prince suddenly made an announcement to the royal take, "Father, I will set out to seek the secret formula of the legendary flea spray."

All of royal people gasped; as the flea spray was the most powerful and dangerous liquid that one could hold. Animals in Brazil could swallow only one drop of the powerful liquid.

"Beware, the legendary flea spray is in the heart of Brazil, and Brazil has a constantly moving heart that sits in the giant anaconda" one of the footman at the breakfast at the breakfast warned the Prince.

Initially, the Prince was supposed to journey to Brazil on foot, but the Queen insisted that he take a horse. Still, it took the Prince a month to travel to Brazil.

When the Prince arrived in Brazil, the natives greeted him warmly. They warned him of other native tribes located deeper in Brazil, some of whom wanted the chemical that inside the snake, as well; soon, the Prince and natives formed a small band.

After five hard days of searching, the Prince and natives found the City Z. City Z, a rock formation where the anaconda lived, had an island in the middle of a pool. The water in the pool was magic; it was aquamarine and had a sweet taste. Unfortunately, the water was poisonous to everyone except the snake, who drank the water every day and thus developed the chemical.

At that moment, a gust of wind blew up.

"It is sand stone! It's sandstone!" cried one of the Brazilian natives. Every native in Brazil knew that; there was no sandstone in Brazil except in City Z. After 15 minutes of running, the Prince found himself in front of a massive stone structure.

The people spread out and began their search for the snake. Inside the tunnels and winding pathways, the Prince could hear a pin drop. After a few minutes, there was a blue glow, resembling water, in front of him.

As the Prince ventured deeper into the tunnel, he saw a magnificent sight: an emerald green snake swimming in circles in the amethyst water.

"What?" a voice echoed. "Why are you here?" the voice vibrated back. The Prince saw that the anaconda was staring at him.

"Are you talking to me?" questioned the Prince.

"Maybe; maybe not," came the answer.

"Uh, can you give me some of you poison?"

"Why? I will be glad to kill you if you wanted me to," answered the snake.

" thanks," answered the Prince. He then asked the anaconda to bite a jar for him in order to trick some poison out of the snake's system; unsuspectingly, the anaconda agreed.

The next morning, the Prince called the Royal Palace. He said that he was safe in one of the passageways and successfully retrieved the poison. When people heard the news, they gave shrieks of joy. The king immediately sent for a helicopter to take the Prince back.
When the Prince got home, everybody in the castle had flea bites on them.

"Oh, it was horrible!" a maid moaned.

"I'm getting out here unless you put a stop to those fleas!" the butcher said angrily to the king.

"I'm glad you're here, Prince," the king moaned, "things are getting out of control here."

At midnight, a war between the humans and fleas broke out.

"Put five ranks on West Wall Gate, advance from the left, and try your utmost to ambush them." General Flea surveyed his troops.

"No mercy. No weakness. Take no poison."

Meanwhile, on the King's side, the guards and knights waited beside the nest. "They are about to come out," one of the guards said.

No one could forget the great battle between mankind and flea. The fleas thought they would win; however, at that time, they had not yet experienced the magical flea spray. Nevertheless, each side had great losses. Some men were bitten until they could not get up again. On the flea side, only one flea survived; the great Itchy III.

There was a huge funeral that night, mourning the King who had died during the great battle between mankind and flea. As a result, the Prince became the next King. After his coronation ceremony, he went peacefully back to sleep, exhausted from his long day.
That night, a tiny flea climbed onto a cliff-sized pillow and bit the new King. It was a good bite, right smack in the middle of his nose. And, dear readers, you know what will happen next, right?

This is the tale of the humorous Itchy Adventure!

Judges comment

"A very funny fairytale satire with a modern touch."

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