Palo Alto Weekly 21st Annual Short Story Contest
Second Place Child

Yoda's Twin Brother

About Tony Jin


In a time long before the Star Wars movies were filmed, in a Jedi temple a couple trillion light years away, there lived a young Jedi student named Zoda who lived in the Jedi Temple on Corsucant. Although the tests had indicated that the mini-chlorians (living particles in your blood that communicate with the Force, determining how Force-sensitive you are) in his blood was very high, he and his twin brother, Yoda, seemed to be as different as black and white, for he was unable to use the Force. Zoda had spent many long hours trying to use it, but had failed repeatedly. He thought he would never be able to use the Force but he was wrong.      

Zoda was a short student in the Jedi Temple and had green wrinkled skin. His large melancholy eyes that were the color of the emerald lightsaber often observed the practices with the Force of his peers. He was supported by stout flexible legs. Below a distinctly humanoid nose was a depressed expression. He wore light robes and brown sandals. He felt quite miserable.

Although nobody mocked him, Zoda usually felt like a stranded weaponless Togorian space pirate. To make matters worse, some film producers from a galaxy very far away had visited recently and had chosen just about everyone to be in their movie Star Wars except for him because he was seemingly unable to use the Force. He longed to be even a Sith Lord in it, but nobody would listen to his pleas. He sobbed and sulked until the Jedi Masters became alarmed and sent him to the medical bay. After that incident, he tried to act normal but he still felt depressed.     

As he thought about his unusual differences, Zoda unknowingly wandered into an abandoned sealed-up hangar bay which now served as a warehouse for out-of-use droids and other mechanical objects. He spotted many useless starcraft refueling pumps and countless old MX-133 laser rifles which paled in comparism to the new T-5 blaster pistols. Unwanted toys such as model star fighters also dotted the junkpile like spots on a dalmatian. But Zoda barely noticed these outdated objects and was completely surprised when Yoda burst into the room.  

Zoda noticed Yoda's excitement right away because he usually kept calm. He scanned his brother's green-skinned face for any telltale signs. There was a pair of sparkling large emerald eyes and a slightly wrinkled humanoid nose. Then Zoda looked down and saw the ecstatic smile of anticipation on Yoda's face. He groaned to himself, remembering a suspicion he had before, the Jedi Masters wouldn't let him train me, or would they?  

"Going to train you in the ways of the Force I am, permission from the Jedi Masters have I." Yoda happily answered as if reading his mind, Zoda always suspected he could but wasn't certain.

"Well then, I suppose I can't argue." responded Zoda sullenly, who did not share his brother's inability to use Interplanetary Galactic (most commonly used language in their galaxy) correctly.

An hour later, Zoda stood frustratedly by a small rock which he had not been able to raise while Yoda instructed, "Holding back you are, not doing right are you."

"I'm trying!" shouted Zoda angrily, then Yoda decided to try a different approach.

"Do or do not, there is no try." He pestered.

Just as Zoda was about to snap back a reply, a section of the wall blew up and a menacing figure stepped inside.

Zoda recognized Darth Hideous, a hotheaded Sith Lord's apprentice and following him were a squad of battle droids. All at once, the battle droids opened fire with their long ranged laser rifles while Darth Hideous ignited his blood-red lightsaber and started to advance toward them, grinning maliciously. Yoda calmly started deflected the blaster bolts, leaving his brother to defend for himself.

The battle droids slowly forced Yoda to face his back to Darth Hideous who shot a blast of lightning at him. Zoda saw the attack racing toward his brother everything felt slow to him and as he jumped he felt a mysterious power flow through him and he easily blocked the bolt of energy on his emerald lightsaber. Then he and the Sith Lord's apprentice engaged in battle. Their bodies twisted and weaved in the dangerous dance of combat. Then Zoda saw his chance to end the fight, he thrust his lightsaber and ran Darth Hideous through.

When the battle droids noticed their commander's lifeless body crumpled on the floor, they hesitated for a moment. Yoda took advantage of it, he threw an ion detonator (a powerful bomb specially made to fry electronics) at the droids and their pieces shot out the wall faster than a laser bolt out of a blaster pistol. Zoda smiled excitedly at his brother before he ran out the door to inform the Jedi Masters of his newfound ability.   

After that bloody and fateful incident, Zoda rapidly progressed through the training levels. Soon he was just as keen to the Force as Yoda. Later, when he thought back on that event that changed his life, he realized that many people seem weak but can unveil their inner strength by believing in themselves. Although he still wasn't a known character in the movie, Zoda became a padawan to the same mysterious person that trained Yoda. He was the master of Qui-gon and Mace Windu and when Yoda can't be found, Zoda replaces him and plays his part in Star Wars. He is currently residing in Corsucant where he mourns the death of his brother.

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