Palo Alto Weekly 17th Annual Short Story Contest
Child Second Place



by Brent Talbott

Without warning, Cindy's mother and father died and she was sent to live with her evil Uncle and his two daughters. Her relatives were incredibly lazy so they made her clean, cook, and do other household chores. Consequently, all they said to her was, "Do this," "Do that," and "Do not to forget this." When the sisters found out that they won tickets to all seven games of the World Series, Cindy was so happy because she loved baseball! But they quickly put her down by saying, "You cannot come!" When they left for the game, Cindy cried and cried.

Suddenly, a very hairy fairy appeared with a "Bam!" that shook the windows.
"Who are you?" asked Cindy with amazement.

"I am your Hairy Godmother!" said the ball of fur.

"Have you ever thought of shaving?" asked Cindy.

"Not yet honey, but that is not why I am here," said the fairy.

"Why are you here then?" asked Cindy.

"I'm here to take you to the ball game," the thing said again.

"But I have no orange and black and, the Giants are playing ... " said Cindy disappointedly.

"I'll worry about that, you get the model of the Ferrari in the bedroom you dream about all the time," answered the hairy godmother. When Cindy got back there was a full Giants uniform with a gold glove.

"Hand me that model sugar," said the godmother. And suddenly a silver Ferrari with golden trimmings appeared with a chauffeur in a suit.

"Be back by 12:00, O.K.?" asked the godmother once more.

"O.K." said Cindy.

When she got to the stadium she took the ticket the hairy godmother had given her and triple locked the car. She went into the stadium and then asked an usher where her seats were. The usher said, "Down there next to the giant's dugout." When Cindy heard this she jumped for joy. When she got to her seat her gaze fell upon 3rd baseman, number 7 and with a batting average of 567, Prince Charming. It was love at first sight for the both of them. The final score was 7-0 Giants, a shutout! After the game Charming took her to Zuni Cafe (they have killer chicken and French fries).

The third day was the beginning of the games in New York City. The sisters went to New York to see the games and Cindy went on a private jet and stayed at the Marriott, supplied by the hairy Godmother. The Giants were on a winning streak, the World Series score was 3-0. After the game, Cindy and Charming went to Iron Chef Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa Grill.

On the fourth day the Giants were tied into over time, three outs, bottom of the eleventh and Prince Charming was up. Suddenly the pressure was on with a full count. Then out of the blue an over the plate 99 mile an hour fast ball came zooming toward the plate. Charming seized his chance and swung. The stadium was quiet as it flew and went over the wall. The Giants section erupted with the chant, "We are the champs!!!!!!!" over and over.

After the game, Cindy went to the huge party that Prince Charming was hosting. Before she knew it, the time was 11:57. That was when she remembered the godmother's warning, "Be back by 12:00 or else." She started for the door, but Charming called, "Wait up!" Cindy was already running down the street, but her gold glove was slowing her down so she tossed it to the side and kept running at full speed. Suddenly she was warped back to California with no traces that she had been riding in a jet, gone to New York or seen the World Series, which of course she had just done.

Prince Charming was heart-broken and he searched the land for Cindy. When he got to the uncle's house, the two sisters eagerly tried to jam their hands into the miraculous glove. But the fairy bewitched the glove so it only fit Cindy and gave the faker a jet-black goatee. That's just what happened to the sisters. Just then Cindy broke out of the locked room she was in, tore down the stairs and said, "Let me try it on." The sisters started cracking up. Cindy calmly tried it on and when the sisters saw it fit they were boiling mad. Cindy and Prince Charming walked out the door arm-in-arm. The Uncle and two sisters were so upset they threw baseballs at their heads and it turned them into nerds and they lived in Nerdtopia geekily ever after.

Cindy, on the other hand got married to Charming and on their honeymoon they saw the all-star game. They had 7 children which is enough for a team if the parents play too. They even had a closing pitcher. Every year they got the same seats Cindy had originally at the World Series and made it a tradition.

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