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Why There are Seven Continents? (A "Pour Quoi" tale)

by Jessie Carr

Once long, long ago, when the world was all one piece of land and animals lived in perfect harmony in the garden, seven animals wanted to own the world. Coyote, Yellow Jacket, Lion, Fox, Bird, Elephant and Alligator fought day and night.
Coyote said, "I'm considered the wisest of all animals."
"Well," said Bird, "I can fly."
"Why care about flying when you can roar?" quoted Lion.
"You all think you're great but look at me, see how huge I am!" bellowed Elephant.
"So what," buzzed Yellow Jacket, "I can sting anyone I want."
"Baloney, I snap my jaws and everyone runs away. So I, Alligator, should own the world."
"No, I, Coyote"
"No, me, Fox! I'm sly and clever. So ha!"
"No, you are all wrong. It should be me, Elephant."
They were all so busy fighting, they didn't notice as Mouse slipped in the middle of the circle of animals who were yellling, screaming and fighting. Then Snake came upon Mouse's path.
"SSSSSSH. Listen to me. I have an idea from Mousssse. SSSSo you sssshould all go to Zeus to ssssolve your problem! SSSSS!" Since all were silent, Mouse squeeked "How about it?" "OK," said Yellow Jacket. "I'll try it."
For once, all the animals agreed. For one day, all the animals packed for the long journey to Zeus' palace. Then they walked and flew to Zeus' palace. When they got there, Zeus agreed to look at the problem and try to put an end to the fighting.
When all the animals had told their opinions, Zeus said "Well, well, I have the best idea. I shall split the earth into seven pieces of land. You each get one. I shall keep the sea and Heavens for myself. But mind you, if you argue, you will lose your piece of land and I will put Man on it."
So, that is why there are seven continents.

"The writer follows the pattern of a "why" story nicely. Zeus' solution is clever."
--the judges

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