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Spectrum - November 12, 2021

Letters to the editor

Amarillo development


The Palo Alto City Council is all in favor of another apartment building being built on a busy thoroughfare (University Avenue), but opposed to a moderately dense development in a quiet residential area.

Nobody chooses to live on a busy thoroughfare. They only do so when they have to. And most people don't want to rent an apartment. They want to own property in a quiet residential neighborhood, even if it is a condominium. This is why house prices are through the roof, but there is at least a 30% apartment vacancy rate in Palo Alto.

Just like with the obstruction of the Castilleja School expansion, modestly dense housing at 1033 Amarillo Ave. is going to be shot down because of the objections of the selfish few. Council is basing its decisions on the lowest moral common denominator. Their cowardice comes at the expense of us all.

Deborah Goldeen

Birch Street, Palo Alto


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