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Real Estate - March 7, 2014

Building Permits

Palo Alto

3862 May Court rooftop PV system, $n/a

3445 Alma St. add 14 outdoor merchandise bins at entrance, $n/a

502 Lowell Ave. voluntary foundation upgrade and underpinning, $11,000

1102 Channing Ave. add two windows, relocate window in kitchen, add chimney cap, $n/a

2791 Emerson St. replace sewer line, $n/a

1810 Embarcadero Road interior nonstructural demo, $n/a

650 San Antonio Ave. Palo Alto Gardens: add site lighting and replace exterior lighting at every door, $n/a

2548 Greer Road remodel two bathrooms, $12,000

2060 Bryant St. electrical vehicle charging station, $n/a

3647 Park Blvd. changes due to updated survey, swap bathroom and window seat, new right side wall jog, $n/a

3242 South Court remodel bathroom, $11,000

470 El Capitan Place new AC units in rear yard, add heat pumps in den, family room, three bedrooms, $n/a

1035 E. Meadow Circle high pallet racks with storage below for metal products, $n/a

754 Ashby Drive replace sewer line due to pipeburst, $n/a

1870 Middlefield Road repair bathroom due to water damage including replacing tub, $24,000

431 Florence St. move placement of accessible parking stall, $n/a

3420 Cowper St. replace gas line from meter to water heater, $n/a

460 Hawthorne Ave. replace gas line from meter to back of house, $n/a

311 Hawthorne Ave. Unit 311 remodel kitchen, associated with seismic upgrade, $n/a

3500 Middlefield Road replace sewer lateral to public right of way, $n/a

2730 Greer Road re-roof, $15,000

525 University Ave. Suite 31Guidebook: tenant improvement, create new storage space, expand office into breakroom, modify restrooms to meet accessibility standards, $65,000

117 California Ave., Unit D200 modify walls, relocate equipment room, add closet, $n/a

101 Lytton Ave. Survey Monkey: revised plan include occupied rooftop, $n/a

3101 Louis Road re-roof, $8,400

857 Southampton Drive replace sewer line from house cleanout to city cleanout, $n/a

1009 Paradise Way install gas insert into woodburning fireplace, $n/a

2390 Hanover St. install gas insert into woodburning fireplace, $n/a

763 Paul Ave. deferred truss design, $n/a

1070 Greenwood Ave. remodel two bathrooms, $15,000

1102 Emerson St. re-roof flat portion, $15,825

4232 Darlington Court re-roof, $12,730

3502 Arbutus Ave. add new boiler and radiant-heating system, $n/a

1510 Emerson St. replace 13 windows, $10,000

3184 Ramona St. install EVSE in garage, $n/a

2754 Middlefield Road re-roof, $45,700

3272 Cowper St. remodel bathroom, $24,000

3000 El Camino Real Bldg. 1, Suite 100: demo partitions, ceilings, flooring; new ceiling bulkheads, flooring, $32,195

1057 Ramona St. Historic Category 4: repair foundation to detached garage, replace two skylights, add one to garage, barn doors to remain in same location, $10,000; install Level 3 electric-vehicle charging station in garage, $n/a

575 High St. commercial EVSE, add subpanel in parking garage for two car chargers, $n/a

537 Hamilton Ave. revision to relocate storm drain to accommodate relocated street tree, $n/a

1525 Webster St. re-roof, $12,000

3189 Maddux Drive replace sewer line, install new clean out, $n/a

4073 El Camino Real change solar panel model and inverter model, $n/a

951 Sycamore Drive rooftop PV system, $n/a

3475 Janice Way remodel kitchen, bathroom, new tankless water heater, replace/add skylights, $69,371