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Real Estate - February 14, 2014

Building permits

Palo Alto

3500 Deer Creek Road revised electrical and add new thermal chamber, $n/a

1073 Cardinal Way repair sections of trenched sewer line, $4,485

2409 Park Blvd., Unit C102 add automatic door for accessibility, including push openers and signage, $n/a

3618 Louis Road repair roof, bathroom due to fire damage, $24,000

907 Embarcadero Road, re-roof, $13,900

431 Wilton Ave. new pool and spa, $65,000

878 Clara Drive add master bathroom, $8,000

2225 Alma St. remodel bedroom, bathroom, convert dining room to new bedroom, $22,000

250 Cambridge Ave. install two illuminated signs, $n/a

325 Middlefield Road replace subfloor due to water damage, replace tub, $n/a

835 Kipling St. remodel kitchen, bathroom, $24,000

706 Webster St. repair plumbing, install service inside building, extend to exterior, $n/a

365 Forest Ave., Unit 5A extend electric from meter to garage (not to be used for vehicle charger), $n/a

16 Crescent Drive replace garage entry door, $n/a

568 Rhodes Drive install three retrofit windows, $n/a

4090 Ben Lomond Drive re-roof, $15,450

769 Allen Court replace sewer lateral, $n/a

2702 Waverley St. re-roof front of house, $7,844

730 Middlefield Road replace sewer line, install additional water meter to split service, $n/a

2140 Byron St. remove window in den, bedroom and master bath, $n/a

3345 Kenneth Drive residential addition, remodel, $70,000

2904 Ash St. revise plans to include exterior door and window changes, $n/a

745 Oregon Ave. change rear patio from concrete to wood deck, $n/a

391 College Ave. re-roof, $13,800

151 Lytton Ave. revised floor plan and two new phone rooms, $n/a

2778 Middlefield Road Edward Jones: tenant improvement for 840 sf on ground floor, $20,000

144 Heather Lane re-roof, $23,875

615 College Ave. voluntary foundation retrofit and cripple wall repair, $20,000

3457 Cowper St. outdoor barbecue, cabinet, electrical, plumbing, $8,000

1533 Dana Ave. remodel kitchen, laundry, pantry, new garage door, faux columns, $61,000

452 University Ave. reinforce joints at mezzanine for storage, $9,000

486 Dymond Court re-roof, $5,250

526 Colderidge Ave. red tagged gas-line repair, $n/a

961 Forest Ave. remodel three bathrooms, $24,000

1055 McGregor Way re-roof, $17,600

101 Alma St., Unit 208 remodel kitchen, bathroom, new washer/dryer in closet, $20,000

444 Charleston Road re-roof, $17,750

1003 Amarillo Ave. re-roof, $12,230

4162 Willmar Drive repair red-tagged gas line, $n/a

2850 W. Bayshore Road replace HVAC rooftop unit, $175,000

3500 Deer Creek Road install bridge crane system, $10,000; install equipment for CNC machine, $8,000

1111 Alma St. enforce entire mudsill, access opening, add cripple wall and continuous foundatoin pads, $n/a

853 Homer Ave. repair gas leak, $n/a

3333 Coyote Hill Road interior nonstructural demo, $n/a

3709 Carlson Circle remodel bathroom, $4,000

153 Walter Hays Drive install two-way cast-iron sewer clean-out valve at building foundation wall, $n/a

4121 Old Trace Road install roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

561 Center Drive re-roof, $10,730

696 Towle Way replaster pool, $5,000

2151 Hanover St., Apt. 4 repair pipe leak in historic category 4 structure, replace kitchen cabinets, countertop and sink, $3,000

2533 Middlefield Road repair dry rot on deck, $1,500

675 El Camino Real re-roof, $85,305

1121 Lincoln Ave. install roof-mounted photovoltaic system, $n/a

679 Towle Way remodel kitchens in units 679,683,687,691,693,695,697,699, $54,000

1295 Dana Ave. extend gasline from pool heater through existing masonry firieplace for installation of gas log set, $n/a

970 Matadero Ave. new pool and spa with solar heater on pool house, $78,000

671 Georgia Ave. relocate pool equipment, new pool cover, remodel pool, $24,000

181 Tasso St. change mineral wool insulatin to fiberglass insulation, $n/a

177 Tasso St. change mineral wool insulatin to fiberglass insulation, $n/a

55 Hamilton Court move garage forward 3 feet, attach to kitchen wall, $n/a

1337 Lincoln Ave. re-roof garage structure, $3,000

838 Cowper St. change closet layout in guest bedroom, change layout in master bathroom, add new windows, $n/a

412 Olive Ave. revised pier foundation for carports, $n/a

2230 Saint Francis Drive install two retrofit windows, $n/a

101 Alma St., Unit 1107 remodel kitchen, $20,000


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