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Spectrum - January 31, 2014


After Governor Brown declared a "statewide water emergency" due to the drought, what are you doing to preserve water?

Asked on Embarcadero Road, in front of Trader Joe's. Question and interviews by Marion Hohlfeld.

Amanda Carlsson

High school student

Bryant Street, Palo Alto

"I am taking shorter showers."

Bill Cane


Kipling Street, Palo Alto

"I cut back on flushing the toilet. Currently, I am working on a hookup to re-use the water from the laundry to spray the lawn with."

Charlotte Villemoes


Murdoch Drive, Palo Alto

"We are very mindful of gardening. I am also not flushing as often."

Nicholas Kim

High school student

Loma Verde Avenue, Palo Alto

"We just had turf installed in front of our house, no need to water it."

Betty Hancock

College Student

Bowdoin Lane, Stanford

"I am cutting back on showering."


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