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Real Estate - October 4, 2013

Garden Tips

With Roger Reynolds now gone, it's time to support local nurseries

by Jack McKinnon

What is it about a long-time privately owned nursery that stays in your memory? Is it the friendly personable way the staff treated you, the quality of the plants that were on display, the rare or old specimen plants available or maybe the grounds so carefully tended?

I remember writing a check at Roger Reynolds Nursery (1919 to 2013) and reaching for my wallet to show my driver's license as proof of who I was and the gentleman behind the counter saying, "You don't have to show me that; gardeners don't write bad checks."

I will never forget that endorsement of the humanness we gardeners have, not only for our gardens but of each other. I am encouraging master gardeners, designers, architects and even some grandmothers to become "garden coaches." There are plenty of gardens for everybody.

As small family and privately owned nurseries are going out of business we are witnessing the closing of an era. I would like to encourage prospective nursery owners to consider starting up new ones. It is not going to be easy though. I have looked into what the start-up costs would be myself and gave up hope. What we can do is support those nurseries that remain and thank them for all the good they do.

Here are some that are still in business on the Peninsula.

1. Central Garden Center, 408 9th Ave., San Mateo; 650-340-8850;

2. Golden Nursery, 1122 2nd Ave., San Mateo; 650-348-5525;

3. Yerba Buena Nursery, 12511 San Mateo Road (Hwy. 92), Half Moon Bay; 650-851-1668;

4. Half Moon Bay Nursery, 11691 San Mateo Road (Hwy. 92), Half Moon Bay; 650-726-5392;

5. Bongards Treescape Nursery, 12460 San Mateo Road (Hwy. 92), Half Moon Bay; 650-726-4568;

6. Wegmans Nursery, 492 Woodside Road, Redwood City; 650-368-5908;

7. Redwood City Nursery, 2760 El Camino Real, Redwood City; 650-368-0357;

8. Carlmont Nursery, 2029 Ralston Ave., Belmont; 650-591-6845;

9. Common Ground, 559 College Ave., Palo Alto; 650-493-6072;

10. Yamagami's Nursery, 1361 S. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino; 408-252-3347;

Good gardening.

Garden coach Jack McKinnon can be reached at 650-879-3261, by email at Visit his website at


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