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News - August 30, 2013

Palo Alto puts bike-share system into gear

Commuters and traffic-weary residents can cruise Palo Alto on readily available rented bicycles, now that the city has 75 "bike-share" bicycles at five kiosks spread around the north part of the city.

Palo Alto started the program Thursday, Aug. 29, allowing those who have purchased 24-hour, three day or year-long memberships with the bike-sharing service to take as many 30-minute rides as they want between the stations.

The idea is to make it more convenient to take public transit by providing riders with a relatively simple transportation option for "last-mile trips" — to connect them with their destinations or other transportation, according to the system's website.

Palo Alto's bike-share system is part of a 1,000-bike program with 100 stations that runs along the Caltrain corridor from San Jose to San Francisco. The program is funded through local and regional grants in combination with a $4.3 million grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Climate Initiatives Grant program.

"Palo Alto has the highest bike use for commuters and students than any other city in Santa Clara County, and our bike-share kiosks will support those last-mile trips between transit stations and employment centers," Palo Alto Mayor Greg Scharff said. "Having a bike available at the end of a transit commute could make the difference to individuals who normally drive solo in their cars."

Memberships cost from $9 for 24 hours to $88 for annual memberships. Rides that exceed the 30-minute time limit cost an extra $4 if they last for an hour. They cost an additional $7 for every 30 minutes after that.

The kiosk can be found at the following locations:

*Emerson and University (Palo Alto Bicycles)

*Caltrain station (at University)

*University and Cowper

*California and Park (Caltrain stop)

*Park Avenue in front of AOL headquarters

— Palo Alto Weekly staff