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Real Estate - August 23, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

745 Oregon Ave. demo house, garage, $n/a; new two-story house (2,522 sf) with attached garage, $450,000

2000 Bryant St. replace framed wall, $n/a

2175 Bryant St. install electric-vehicle charging station, $n/a

4010 Page Mill Road install electric-vehicle charging station, $n/a

919 Addison Ave. install electric-vehicle charging station, $n/a

2802 Louis Road rebuild garage, add laundry room, bedroom, install electric-vehicle charging station, $50,000

1850 Embarcadero Road replace rooftop HVAC units, $n/a

151 Lytton Ave. Palantir: tenant improvement, includes new office space layout, $215,000; change training rooms to open office, $n/a

354 Seale Ave. re-roof, $26,420; re-roof, $8,750; upgrade electrical, $n/a

307 Chestnut Ave. remodel kitchen and baths, $20,000

1820 Embarcadero Road Stanford University Medical Center: tenant improvement, $1,148,200; replace rooftop HVAC units, $n/a

3350 W. Bayshore Road tenant improvement, $246,472

2103 Saint Francis Drive revise glass storefronts, $n/a

3375 El Camino Real Corner Bakery Cafe: demo, $n/a; tenant improvement, $600,000; install three illuminated wall signs, $n/a

91 Roosevelt Circle foundation addition, $146,824

4227 Suzanne Drive replace five windows, $3,200

750 Welch Road tenant improvement to suite #305, $6,000

3880 Middlefield Road Challenger School, revise custom canopies, $n/a; replace damaged beam and add column, $10,000; new playground, $125,000

821 Garland Drive remodel kitchen, bathroom, two new skylights, new tankless water heater, $48,000

4164 El Camino Real Zen Hotel: remodel commercial kitchen, $61,000

700 Hansen Way Nest Labs: revise layout of conference room/game room, meeting room, $n/a; install five electric-vehicle charging stations, $n/a

902 Arastradero Road VMWare: revise exterior steel framing, $n/a

2316 Santa Catalina St. add master bedroom, bath, extend dining room and kitchen, $85,412

121 Park Ave. revise factory-built house, $n/a

339 Seale Ave. addition, remodel, $120,306

2481 Hight St. re-roof, $25,000

631 Forest Ave. remodel kitchen, bath, half bath, $17,000

781 Channing Ave. remodel bathroom, $6,000

970 Elsinore Court re-roof, $20,000

831 Kipling St. re-roof, $14,000

3851 Corina Way single-story addition, $103,000

601 California Ave. tenant improvement, $400,000

1561 Dana Ave. single-story addition, $98,000

956 Colorado Ave. addition and remodel with covered porch, $40,000

3810 Nathan Way copper repipe throughout entire house, replace water heater, $n/a

564 Vista Ave. re-roof, $52,551

365 Parkside Drive upgrade electrical, $n/a; re-roof, $30,000

800 High St., Unit 115 repair drywall, $1,500

1331 Harker Ave. remodel bathroom, $7,000

1133 Harker Ave. re-roof house, $8,550; re-roof garage, $4,475

178 Ely Place remodel kitchen, bathroom, $18,000

3360 Birch St. remodel kitchen, bathroom, convert closet to laundry room, $14,500

771 Coastland Drive remodel master bath, bathroom, $32,000

1300 Forest Ave. remodel, including demo eight fireplaces, convert patio to habitable space, demo decks/balconies on second floor, $45,179

4020 Fabian St. Floor Coverings International: commercial remodel, $5,835

182 Hemlock Court re-roof, $13,000; remodel kitchen, $50,000

2321 Amherst St. remodel kitchen, bathroom, $20,000

1400 Edgewood Drive demo swimming pool, $n/a; new swimming pool, $69,500

2811 Emerson St. repair concrete garage floor, $3,500

240 Whitclem Drive addition, replace windows, remodel kitchen, two bathrooms, upgrade electrical, $81,000

151 Laura Lane add two classrooms and renovate multipurpose room, media rooms and offices, add movable glass wall in gym, $1,800,000

620 Ashton Ave. demo house, $n/a; new two-story house (2,122 sf) with basement, attached garage, porches, patios, lightwells, two tankless water heaters, $613,140

644 Barron Ave. re-roof, $11,230

545 Channing Ave. replace windows, $7,591

1064 Moffett Circle replace windows, patio doors, skylights, $4,500

245 Lytton Ave. accessibility upgrades to third-floor bathroom, $72,130

645 Marion Ave. revise kitchen window, $n/a

2303 Santa Ana St. remodel kitchen, bath, bedroom, laundry, electrical upgrade, $55,144

546 Guinda St. relocate kitchen within condo and create study, $50,937

211 Quarry Road Hoover Pavilion Clinic, tenant improvement, $270,000; new exterior lights, $n/a

160 Nevada Ave. 645 sf addition at first sfloor, new basement, remodel garage, $551,617

1246 Pitman Ave. new two-story house (3,014 sf) with attached garage, tankless water heater, demo house and garage, $514,234

790 Cereza Drive re-roof, $9,998

4150 Mackay Drive new bathroom off den, remodel kitchen, remodel two bathrooms, new tankless water heater, $63,751

1729 Middlefield Road install hot tub, $12,000; remodel master bathroom, electrical, $22,700

325 Barclay Court re-roof, $16,000

363 Melville Ave. enlarge trellis, revise guardrail, grading/drainage, on-site irrigation, $n/a

925 Moreno Ave. add family room, relocate kitchen, new master bath, closet, add one bath, expand second bath, $61,921

4265 Alma St. re-roof, $4,000

761 Southampton Drive replace faucets, re-roof main house, $40,000; re-roof accessory structure, $15,000

831 High St. Palantir: relocate feeder and conduit, $n/a

625 Matadero Ave. re-roof, $n/a

315 Barclay Court remodel bathroom, new closet, $15,000

3176 Porter Drive re-roof, $114,999

747 Colorado Ave., Apt. B remodel bath, $10,000

910 Matadero Ave. demo house and attached garage, $n/a; new two-story house (5,519 sf) with attached garage, $936,521; bike storage shed, $10,497; pool house, new tankless water heater, $54,112

6 Tevis Place install gas emergency generator, $15,000

380 Oxford Ave. re-roof detached garage, $2,300

1301 Bryant St. remodel bathroom, $7,500

720 Seneca St. remodel kitchen, sunroom, $40,000

490 California Ave. Yelp: tenant improvement, $20,000

901 California Ave. Merck: tenant improvement to red lab area, $250,000

698 Wildwood Lane remodel kitchen, bath, living room, $31,000; addition and remodel, $85,000

2946 Alexis Drive add stucco, $10,000; change window to door at balcony, $n/a

1020 Amarillo Ave. install electric-vehicle charging station, $n/a

4156 Old Trace Road add outdoor barbecue area and change retaining wall, $n/a; new pool, $50,000

3167 Alma St. add support beams, $20,000

1060 E. Meadow Circle re-roof, $67,215

364 University Ave. Ribbit Capital: tenant improvement, conference and break rooms, remodel bathroom, kitchen, $120,000

1918 Emerson St. remodel kitchen, master bath, replace deck, $86,900

4386 Miller Court re-roof, $13,780

904, 906, 910 Arastradero Road install two-way communication at elevator, $n/a

3240 Hillview Ave. Docomo Innovations: add HVAC and electrical to computer room, revise bathroom to provide accessible showers, $80,000


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