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Cover Story - August 16, 2013

What's inside

Reporting for "Teens Online" began last fall as part of the Weekly's in-depth look at bullying in Palo Alto schools and the community. As part of the investigation, reporter Terri Lobdell sought information to uncover why some kids behave cruelly toward others, the impacts of that cruelty, how school officials and other adults handle bullying incidents, and the myriad programs and activities focused on bullying prevention and social kindness.

For this in-depth look at the role social media plays in amplifying mean-spirited behavior among youth, the Weekly sought to hear from those most knowledgeable and most closely affected: the teens. In interviews with about 50 youth, the Weekly heard about some benefits of social media but also about its darker side, including offensive language, mean rumors and offensive images that are spread to large audiences.

This cover story also explores why it is so difficult for adults to keep up with what's happening on social media and to provide effective guidance. Numerous adult experts have contributed their perspectives to these articles as well.

The Weekly would like to thank the teens interviewed for their openness, generosity of time and thoughtfulness in reflecting on these issues, some of which involved sensitive or painful situations. The vast majority of teens asked for anonymity and elimination of identifying details. Except in a few cases, in which teens had already published on this topic under their name, the youth providing information for this series are not named. Some adults interviewed also are not named due to the sensitivity of the topics discussed.

This cover story package also includes several articles exclusively online at PaloAltoOnline.com. "Teens Online" is the second installment in a series of Palo Alto Weekly cover stories publishing this year on the topic of bullying. The first cover story, "Out of the shadows," published June 14, 2013, covered the inside story of how a federal investigation is changing the way Palo Alto schools respond to bullying. It can be found on PaloAltoOnline.com.


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Posted by Gemma, a resident of Jordan Middle School
on Aug 16, 2013 at 12:08 pm

Thanx for doing this. Of all the schools in PA, it seems that Jordan is the most afflicted
with bullies.

Posted by I agree, a resident of Barron Park
on Aug 17, 2013 at 10:54 pm

I agree with Gemma, Jordan has had a lot of issues with bullying that have affected our students, and have been kept in secret.The worst thing is that the principal at Jordan is in denial. Therefore he does nothing when issues are brought up to him.