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Real Estate - May 31, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

931 Clara Drive N. Pisco, 120-sq.-ft. detached shop with bath, $20,000

3403, 3407, 3411 Alma Village Lane Trestle Partners, building for lot 7, 8, 9 Alma Plaza, $412,413, $392,969, $392,170; 3452, 3458, 3462 Alma Village Circle, lot 14, 15, 16, $392,969, $412,413, $412,413

450 Sequioa Drive Phillips, reconfigure powder room into two baths and laundry room, $8,500

2445 Faber Place, Suite 200 EOSSI Palo Alto Technology Center LLC, modify interior of two-story office building, demolish and construct non-rated walls, $125,000

169A Loma Verde Ave. M. Handwerker, replace water mixing valve and bathtub, $4,000

790 Rosewood Drive J. Campbell, repair voluntary foundation using steel driven piers, $27,000

442 Lowell Ave. D. S. Brown, replace kitchen windows and cabinets, $20,000

950 Page Mill Road Drawbridge Reality Trust, tenant improvement, new partitions, doors, finishes, millwork, plumbing, mechanical and electrical, $650,000

3903 E. Middlefield Road Unit E J. Gottheiner, remodel kitchen, bath, add wall, move subpanel, upgrade electrical, $31,000

1040 Emerson Ave. M. Bucker, remodel bath, plumbing, fixture, add window, fan, light, tile and paint, $5,000

460 Matadero Ave. S. Fuery, remodel two baths and kitchen, reconfigure laundry and bath, relocate water heater, $43,661

460 Cambridge Ave. A. Orcivoli, install electric water heater, $2,500

3500 Deer Creek Road Stanford, add two walls and doors for office use, $4,000

2080 Channing Ave. HO Holdings #1 LLC, tenant improvement for "The Fresh Market," $995,000

2475 Hanover St. S. T. Bartlett, revise ceiling, lighting, mechanical, $24,000

435 Sheridan Ave. Silverwood Homeowners Association, exterior repairs, replace siding, window refinishing, $1,200,000

1840 Hamilton Ave. M. Ni, remodel entry, living room, kitchen, bathroom, $115,000

4186 Manuela Ave. J. Canderle, new pool with auto cover, spa, $75,000

2475 Hanover St. S. Bartlett, tenant improvements to convert two larger offices into three smaller offices, $24,000; add new exterior door and hallway, $99,000

772 Sutter Ave. MAK, in ground swimming pool and spa, $48,000

628 Forest Ave. Unit G A. Baldua, replace all windows, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $24,936

754 Ashby Drive K. Blobel, replace siding and wall, $5,000

151 Churchill Ave. P. Gur, replace fireplace and install mantel, $8,000

3000 Hanover St. HP/Stanford land, tenant improvement of seating area, new walls, ceiling, lighting and electrical modification, $250,000

235 Hamilton Ave. Dahl, repair to deaden sound transfer between rooms, update electrical outlet, $60,000

2170 Princeton St. K. Johnsson, renovate kitchen, move bathroom, update windows, rewire, $95,000

180 El Camino Real #124 S. Overlock, tenant improvement in retail shopping center, $542,000

886 Ilima Court B. Daiuto, replace damaged wall foundation, $28,850

3097 Stelling Court B. Marcum, remodel kitchen, $30,000

2710 Ramona St. DGB Investments, new two-story house, $660,000

1111 Harker Ave. C. Callaghan, new pool, $80,000

1157 Harker Ave. D. Martin, remodel kitchen, $12,856

2710 Ramona St. DGB Investments, new detached garage, $12,000

623 Guinda St. P. Renaker, replace gas fireplace insert, $n/a

3103 David Ave. D. Sun, construct new two-story house with garage, $514,000

2928 Bryant St. The GFL Group Inc., new two-story home, $527,000; garden shed, $9,200

720 Greer Road D. Zucker, single-story addition, remodel, $290,000

901 California Ave. Merck, tenant improvements, office area remodel, lab area remodel, $598,000

649 Forest Ave. T. Knapp, replace windows and old siding, glass doors, $8,500

340 University Ave. J. Wong, revise glass door to stainless steel, remove finish surfaces, $21,000

790 Rosewood Drive J. Campbell, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $65,000

749 Garland Drive H. Shin, new kitchen, dining room and bath, remodel master bedroom, $227,515

101 Alma St. Unit 204 L. Beyce, install French doors, replace light fixtures, $1,200

4186 Manuela Ave. U. Singh, new arbor, buffet with barbecue, fire pit, $32,500

165 University Ave. T-Mobile, replace store fixtures and relocate electrical outlets, $24,000

3881 Duncan Place J. Huang, replace damaged beam, $3,960

180 El Camino Real Suite 385A Board of Trustees of Stanford University, fabricate and install awnings, $6,000

180 El Camino Real American Girl Boutique Inc., non-structural interior demolition

575 High St. 575 High Street LLC, demolish walls and add new bathroom for tenants, $20,000

739 Florales Drive Ebnsassao, remodel living room, skylight, $8,000

1125 Hamilton Ave. C. Munch, pool demolition, $n/a

3350 Birch St. AT&T, install sound screen, $75,000

520 Colorado Ave. S. Manolache, add partition for new bedroom, bay window, $11,520

4073 Sutherland Drive P. Squire, install tankless water heater, $n/a

2352 Middlefield Road V. Beer, bathroom addition, $18,363

3901 Middlefield Road R. Li, remodel kitchen, $38,357

610 Alger Drive J. Delamater, patio enclosure, $26,240

901 San Antonio Road Oshman Family JCC, install shade structures, $24,000

3544 Emerson St. X. Liang, add half bath, remodel bath, $7,762

855 El Camino Real Unit 13B P. Realmuto, add two fitting rooms, $2,000

750 Welch Road Stanford School of Medicine, interior improvements to one office suite, $78,000

4301 El Camino Real Monroe Place LP, temporary conversion of garage into sales office, $20,000

109 Ely Place D. Hu, new kitchen and laundry, remodel front side of house, $84,534

660 Hamilton Ave. E. Hahn, remodel master bedroom, new tub and shower, laundry room, $7,000

180 Hamilton Ave. M. Wisner, interior and exterior upgrade and remodel of eight-story building to 86-room hotel, conversion of first floor to small restaurant, $8,000,000

2321 Middlefield Road E. Anderson, interior remodel, $51,544

3776 Nathan Way S. Barr, remodel kitchen, $40,000


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