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Real Estate - May 10, 2013


Menlo Park

8 Cheryl Place B. Hartman, install branch electrical circuit from main panel to garage receptacle, $1,000

99 San Mateo Drive A. Vanhoff, install branch electrical circuit from main panel to garage receptacle for car charger, $1,000

1890 Oak Knoll Lane K. Duriseti, install branch electrical circuit from main panel to garage-mounted Tesla wall connector, $1,000

418 Gilbert Ave. J. Turner, replace water mixing valve in shower area, $1,000

84 Princeton Road D. Lazares, new single-story home, $462,000

360 Hedge Road A. Rozelle, add 362 sq. ft. and alter 600 sq. ft. to a one-story home, $100,000

350 Hermosa Way P. Comita, flush-mounted solar photovoltaic system, $22,890

175 Elliott Drive G. Farrell, add family room and an interior remodel of a portion of the garage and kitchen, $30,000

915 Siskiyou Drive W. Wong, remove old shake roof and install new with radiant barrier, $12,706

626 Santa Cruz Ave. S. Young, add two 110-volt circuits for five sprinkler alarm, $800

147 E. Creek Drive J. Povoas, gas line hookup for barbecue, $1,750

1395 Corinne Lane P. Goehner, temporary power pole, $n/a

1415 Mills Court N. Taylor, copper re-pipe and gas line replacement, $8,500

1664 Oak Ave. A. Ben-Efraim, electrical service upgrade (overhead), upgrade 22 non-grounded receptacles to grounded three-prong receptacles, $8,000

967 Menlo Ave. W. Galliher, replace furnace, $n/a

Palo Alto

180 El Camino Real Simon Property Group, return remote mercantile storage area to landlord, $30,000

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Stanford University Medical Center, install auto door opener, $4,500

1623 Escobita Ave. N. Pai, add half-bath to garage, $5,000

221 High St. N. Hlava, repair water-damaged framing, $7,500

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, tenant improvement, new walls, ceilings, doors and lights, $94,500

1902 Channing Ave. Y. Rizk, add 200 sq. ft. to living area, remodel stairway, $37,919

2832 Emerson Ave. W. Baker, install electric vehicle charger, $n/a

928 Addison Ave. M. Chattopadhyay, replace bathtub with shower cubicle, $2,500

831 High St. tenant improvement, $300,000

3420 Hillview Ave. EPRI, install soffit and glass wall and double doors, $24,872

156 Tennyson Ave. D. Hutchenson, remodel kitchen, cabinets, update receptacles, new gas line, $11,500

2401 El Camino Real R. Dordas, new furniture, wall and floor finishes, $69,918

3000 El Camino Real Equity Office, remodel conference room and office, convert to two private offices, $15,000

3000 Hanover St. HP/Stanford, new interior door and walkway, $30,000

800 High St. Kaufman, replace tub with shower pan and replace control valve, $4,000

3120 Alexis Drive D. Wang, new motorized driveway gate, $3,000

3393 Kenneth Drive R. Srinivasaraghavan, remodel two baths, kitchen, relocate walls and door, $57,971

598 E. Crescent Ave. Wilson, demolish swimming pool and fill with soil and plants, $n/a

571 Jefferson Drive G. W. Cole, remodel kitchen, add cabinets, countertops and flooring, $60,000

3707 Lindero Drive J. D. Melaychuk, remove kitchen wall, relocate sliding door, install self-vent in kitchen sink, increase floor height in courtyard room, $23,000

1275 Cedar St. Brock, remodel kitchen, plumbing and flooring, run new gas line, add fire door, install duct work for kitchen exhaust, $43,500

4005 Ben Lomond Drive J. & M. Sbarbori, remodel two bathrooms, $10,000

180 El Camino Real Simon Properties, remodel interior partitions, lighting, fitting and door, $70,000

960 Amarillo Ave. L. & W. Yang, add 463-sq.-ft. master suite, upgrade electrical meter, $76,775

3894 El Camino Real Barron Park Plaza LLC, repair fire damage, gas test, $500

420 Cambridge Ave. S. Javidan, new dental office tenant improvement, $115,000

619 Tennyson Ave., remodel bath, replace finishes, $18,000

184 Heather Lane C. Patwardhan, add 26 sq. ft., $5,000

105 Greenmeadow Way D. Dorrell & B. Akama, new sunroom on concrete slab with lights, switches and outlets, $28,500

3000 El Camino Real Stanford University, install Nextnav Omni antenna and equipment box on roof, $12,000

752 Encina Grande K. McClelland, remodel master bath, add skylight, radiant heater, relocate toilet, replace swing door with pocket door, $13,583

440 University Ave., interior non-structural work, $n/a

180 El Camino Real #383A Simon Property Group Inc., alter 8,753-sq.-ft. retail space for Brooks Brothers, $336,000

180 El Camino Real Calypso St. Barth, new partitions, ceiling, finishes, mechanical and electrical work, $250,000; tenant improvement, new storefront and awning, $80,000

951 Dennis Drive A. & S. Bronsilovsky, new aluminum patio enclosure attached to house wall, $16,500

2640 Emerson St. M. Leung, replace floor heater with wall heater, remove tub, tile for disability access, $1,000


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