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Real Estate - May 3, 2013

Building Permits

Menlo Park

1315 Almador Ave. C. Durio, re-roof, $12,688

1330 Hoover St. N. Cowan, temporary power pole, $100

461 Burgess Drive #3 S. Lee, remodel kitchen, relocate subpanel from the closet to the hallway, $44,800

1317 Crane St. S. Shaw, remodel townhouse bath/kitchen and add three skylights, $60,000

1050 Menlo Oaks Drive J. Primuth, add fireplace, barbecue, replace sewer line, $30,000

1056 Sonoma Ave. A. Kay, replace furnace, $3,900

984 Monte Rosa Drive G. Smith, replace furnace, $7,520

916 Fremont Place J. Buckmaster, re-pipe three units, $n/a

210 Blackburn Ave. J. Friedrichs, repair sewer, $3,000

1034 Menlo Oaks Drive M. Daul, re-pipe water line with copper and replace gas lines, $n/a

193 E. Creek Drive G. Reichow, add 755 sq. ft. and alter 2,000 sq. ft. to a one-story house, $500,000

675 Monte Rosa Drive #811 M. Hayden, remodel bathroom, $2,000

202 Felton Drive R. Romero, photovoltaic solar system, $35,000

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. #A302 K. Dilg, replace old membrane deck and resurface with Pacific Polymer, $2,800

312 Lexington Drive M. Doolan, re-roof, $9,910

523 Oak Grove Ave. D. Tam, re-roof detached garage, $4,000

521 Oak Grove Ave. J. Zhang, re-roof, $14,000

1035 Lassen Drive K. McFarland, replace furnace, $4,800

404 Durham St. G. McKeown, add 734 sq. ft. to the rear of a home, $150,000

1040 Wallea Drive R. Quintana, add 1,375 sq. ft., including a new second story and an interior remodel of 2,498 sq. ft., $300,000

25 Hamilton Circle H. O'Brodovich, new deck extension, $20,000

420 Claremont Way J. Williams, enclose existing carport, $n/a

292 San Luis Drive A. Eaton, add 193 sq. ft. and an interior remodel of 240 sq. ft., $30,000

2323 Branner Drive M. Berry,replace 50-gallon water heater, $8000

100 Oak Hollow Way J. Lattin, replace 75-gallon water heater, $3,000

332 Arbor Road D. Patterson, install branch electrical circuit from transfer switch to garage receptacle for EV car charger, $1,000

1280 Bay Laurel Drive N. Shanker, install branch electrical circuit from garage subpanel to outdoor receptacle for car charger, $1,000

558 Hamilton Ave. F. Solis, replace wall heater and add two lights, $900

375 Ambar Way C. Cohen, install branch electrical circuit from new garage subpanel to garage receptacle for electric car charger, $1,000

1346 Hoover St. G. Milani, replace water heater, $1,539

720 Laurel Ave. B. Schar, add 196 sq. ft., including an interior remodel of 196 sq. ft., $59,000

107 Haight St. M. Tsutsumi, upgrade electrical service, $2,100

416 Sand Hill Circle D. King, remove approximately 200 sq. ft. of shake roofing, install new roof deck, modified underlayment and new shingles, $5,000

1529 Laurel Place R. Bell, replace 40-gallon water heater, $4,434

1860 Oakdell Drive R. Burmeister, convert a portion of the garage to an outdoor pavilion, $15,000

331 Oakwood Place V. Voron, re-roof family room, $2,400

176 Stone Pine Lane J. Thrasher, interior remodel of third floor of a town home, including master closet, baths and bedroom, $40,000

760 Magnolia St. J. Robinson, remodel kitchen and move bearing wall, $100,000

Palo Alto

2707 Greer Road K. Lui, relocate plumbing fixtures, bath door, add shower, electrical fixtures and fan, $6,040

318 Parkside Drive G. & M-A. Deierlew, remodel kitchen, $24,480

101 Alma St. #1107 N. & J. Larson, complete guest room wall for private room, $3,500

452 University Ave. B. O'Connor, tenant improvement, new library shelves, paint, relocate lights and seating, replace sign, $20,000

400 Hamilton Ave. C. Phillipon, Wells Fargo Bank, CPG, demolish wall partially, convert file storage room into collaboration room, new electrical and mechanical finishes, $15,000

795 El Camino Real Palo Alto Medical Foundation, replace two CT scanners, $272,057

1661 Page Mill Road Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, improve wall, arbor, water fountain, deck, cistern, modify door, windows, landscape lighting, $1,000,000

458 Lowell Ave. G. Bechtel, install solar panels, upgrade electrical to 125 amps, $15,000

1200 College Ave. R. Pierno, demolish and build two-car garage, $24,000

321 Ramona St. J. Goddard, replace wood siding and painting, $3,000

450 Seale Ave. G. Maya, arbor, water feature, firepit and pavers on sand, $30,000

777 San Antonio Road L.Y. Cheung, remodel kitchen, replace shower stall, tiles and valve, $10,200

3401 Hillview Ave. VMware, construction trailer, $3,373

718 Emerson Ave. Palo Alto Speedometer, replace skylight with new Royalite, $20,000

300 Pasteur Drive Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, site grading, planting, storm drainage, furnishings, utilities for drop-off plaza, road, surface parking lots and promenade, $10,000,000

507 St. Claire Drive C. & D. Hodson, remodel kitchen, bath, laundry room and mudroom, $75,000

215 Cowper St. S. Pierce, replace exterior stairs, $2,000

886 Ilima Court B. Dainto, add closet to bedroom, $1,200

1280 Wilson St. C. Slinger, remodel 180-sq.-ft. kitchen, $21,830