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Real Estate - April 19, 2013

Building Permits

Palo Alto

160 Lois Lane J. & K. Smale, remodel kitchen, bedroom and bath, $77,000

861 Chimalus Drive B. Jie & G. Ping, new one-story house with attached garage, $424,408

640 Emerson Ave. Palo Alto Theatre Co., replace grease interceptor, $n/a

2295 Waverley St. C. & B. Martin, remodel bathroom, $n/a

827 Lytton Ave. S. Honey, add fuse and circuit to feed from garage subpanel, $n/a

2351 Ross Road J. Hanay, new bedroom, bath and laundry room, electrical upgrade, $67,162

3000 Hanover St./Executive Center HP/Stanford, tenant improvement of executive center conference room, new ceiling, walls, lighting and electrical, $1,050,975

855 El Camino Real Town and Country Investors LLC, replace damaged posts, $3,000

1170 Fife Ave. Mark Lendesmann family trust, remodel two bathrooms and laundry room, new tiles and appliances, $11,000

2190 Webster St. C. Miao, improve bath, $17,000

2324 Columbia Ave. T. Fries, remodel kitchen, add windows, $10,309

901 California Ave. Merck, tenant improvement, lab remodel, $598,000

770 Welch Road Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, renovate medical office space, interior partitions, finishes, restrooms, tiles, $200,000

845 Moreno Ave. P. Burrows, 816-sq.-ft. one-story addition and remodel, $223,000

250 Cambridge Ave. Tarlton Properties, tenant improvement to three-story building, new non-structural partitions and ceiling, break room cabinetry, $95,000

Menlo Park

324 Durham St. M. Barry, re-roof, $5,500

1555 Bay Laurel Drive J. Galen, re-roof, $9,980

535 Central Ave. C. Decardy, remodel kitchen, $4,400

1265 Bay Laurel Drive S. Sorensen, re-roof, $34,950

860 Harvard Ave. D. Tupper, re-roof, $12,000

888 Oak Grove #1 K. Ludwig, replace sewer line, $10,400

3826 Alameda de las Pulgas J. Cortella, add more solar panels, $20,000

850 Woodland Court R. Walsworth, EV car charger, $300

805 Olive St. A. Arvin, replace furnace in outdoor closet, $2,000

2240 Eastridge Ave. M. Del Cioppo, replace subpanel, two dedicated circuits, 100 amp subfeed replacement, $5,200

222 Laurel Ave. M Meyer, interior remodel of 224 sq. ft., install two new windows and replace door, $7,500

60 Willow Road R. Dvorak, convert garage to secondary dwelling unit and build new detached garage on a separate permit, $70,000

440 Lemon St. N. Costouros, pool remodel, $30,000

247 Robin Way I. Spicer, singe-story addition of 208 sq. ft. and an interior remodel of 153 sq. ft. to the rear of residence, $58,000