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Real Estate - April 5, 2013

Garden Tips

What to do when feeling flush

by Jack McKinnon

"U.S. companies are showering investors with a record windfall in dividends and share buy backs are helping to propel the stock market rally," the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, March 8. What this means is that it is time to get back into the garden.

Now that all of you are getting back into prosperity, the garden work you have been avoiding while worrying about the economy has been neglected. Grab a trowel and a cultivator, this month's tips will be about the chores to do when you are flush.

1. Get the weeds under control now, before they go to flower and then seed. It will save a lot of work later in the spring.

2. If you don't like the sound of blowers, get your rake out and start raking. The fewer leaves gardeners have to blow the less noise they make. Do a neighbor's yard as well as yours. Novel idea isn't it?

3. Prune for shape, flowers and fruit. While thinning out the dead, dying and diseased, look for ways to improve the show and production of your garden.

4. Fertilize; I don't care if you use organic or synthetic, read the instructions and get on with it. Your plants will be so much happier.

5. Check watering systems. It is getting warmer and you don't want to waste water or money.

6. Do not sit around thinking about how much money you have or how to save every penny. If you don't spend it, you can bet somebody else will when you are gone. Go buy some seeds and plant them. It is healthier to watch them grow.

7. Give your gardener a bonus. They really don't charge that much and they will really appreciate it. Who knows, maybe they will use their blower less?

8. Visit several public gardens this spring. Do an Internet search; they are all listed.

9. Put a new flower arrangement on your table every week. Women love flowers, and everybody knows that if women are happy then everybody is happy.

10. Rake up old mulch and put it on the compost pile or in your green waste container. Replace it with fresh mulch and the spring and summer will be off to a good start.

Good gardening.

Garden coach Jack McKinnon can be reached at 650-455-0687 (cell), by email at Visit his website at


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