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News - March 29, 2013

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

Public Art Commission (March 22)

Palo Alto High School mural: The commission approved a proposal by the Palo Alto High School's associated student body to paint Viking-themed murals on the inside of the Embarcadero Road underpass tunnel. Yes: Unanimous.

City Council

The council did not meet this week.

Parks and Recreation Commission (March 26)

Golf course: The commission discussed and recommended approving the proposed redesign of the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course. Yes: Ashlund, Hetterly, Knopper, Lauing, Markevitch, Reckdahl No: Crommie

El Camino Park: The commission discussed the latest design for El Camino Park, which includes a new location for dog runs and space for a potential relocation of Hostess House. Commissioners said they were concerned that the new design tries to cram too many amenities into the park. Action: None

Planning and Transportation Commission (March 27)

Planned community: The commission proposed a process for defining "public benefits" as pertaining to the "planned community" zone process. Commissioners voted to make this topic a priority at the commission's next meeting with the City Council. Yes: Alcheck, Keller, King, Martinez, Michael, Tanaka Absent: Panelli

Council Rail Committee (March 28)

High-speed rail: The committee heard a report from its consultant on high-speed rail and approved a package of revisions to its guiding principles. These include a stated commitment to preserving state and federal environmental laws governing the review of high-speed rail and Caltrain's electrification. Yes: Unanimous


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