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Cover Story - March 1, 2013


Children, 9-11 years

1st Place: "Music for Life" by Julie Meng

2nd Place: "Journal of a Book" by Chloe Kim

3rd Place: "Into Their Dreams" by Dori Filppu

Teens, 12-14 years

1st Place: "Bittersweet Notes" by Nicole Knauer

2nd Place: "Escape to America" by Jacky Moore

3rd Place: "The Vanishing Box" by Caroline Bailey

Young Adults, 15-17 years

1st Place: "First, Do No Harm" by Andrew Briggs

2nd Place: "On Driving" by Valerie Taylor

3rd Place: "Paper Airplanes" by Gemma Guo

Adults, 18+ years

1st Place: "Encounter" by Marc Vincenti

2nd Place: "Painting Room" by Barbara Evans

3rd Place: "Captive Bred Birds" by Jane Moorman


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