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Cover Story - March 1, 2013

Top ten


1. Julie Meng, "Music for Life"

2. Chloe Kim, "Journal of a Book"

3. Dori Filppu, "Into Their Dreams"


Emma Sloan, "Just Trust"

Lauren Hodgson, "Tevil and the Flying Friend"

Nisha McNeals, "My Friend, My Foe, My Sister"

Sandhini Agarwal, "Vivian and the Wicked Witch"

Helen Tian, "Final Farewell"

Amrita Bhasin, "The Theft"

Aaron Galper, "A Forgotten Life"


1. Nicole Knauer, "Bittersweet Notes"

2. Jacky Moore, "Escape to America"

3. Caroline Bailey, "The Vanishing Box"


Shawna Chen, "Choice of a Lifetime"

Mihir Borkar, "The Birch Tree"

Rena Silverman, "Wolf or Man?"

Nina Chandra, "Lion Hunt"

Roark Sweidy Stata, "Never"

Ariel Pan, "The Midnight Train"

Grace Kuffner, "Winners at Last"

Young Adult

1. Andrew Briggs, "First, Do No Harm"

2. Valerie Taylor, "On Driving"

3. Gemma Guo, "Paper Airplanes"


Ian Sears, "April Out East"

Addie McNamara, "Bug's Life"

Emily Katz, "Stargazing"

Natalie Silverman, "A Taxi Man's Tale"

Jack Brooks, "40,000"

Rebecca Andrews, "Pane of Dreams"

Caitlin Crosby, "How to Knit a Triangle"


1. Marc Vincenti, "Encounter"

2. Barbara Evans, "The Painting Room"

3. Jane Moorman, "Captive-Bred Birds"


Maureen Simons, "The Cheese Club"

Ateret Haselkorn, "White Elephant"

Peter Stangel, "Bonding"

Dann M. Wood, "How Rutriki Banished Death"

Kevin Sharp, "Dear Marty"

Rick Trushel, "Reading their Only Son"

David Pablo Cohn, "Jaguar"


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