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News - January 25, 2013

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

City Council (Jan. 22)

Transportation Element: The council voted to amend the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate the vision statement of the Palo Alto Rail Corridor Study. Yes:Unanimous

Employee pensions: The council voted to request staff to return to the council prepared to discuss the potential of opening participation by city employees in the Social Security system as part of a hybrid pension system. Yes: Berman, Burt, Holman, Klein, Scharff, Schmid

No: Kniss, Price, Shepherd

2013 legislative priorities: The council voted to discuss its 2013 legislative priorities with the office of Assemblyman Rich Gordon. Yes: Unanimous

Library Advisory Commission: The council voted to reduce the number of commissioners from seven to five. Yes Unanimous

Parks and Recreation Commission (Jan. 22)

Selection of chair and vice-chair: Chair Ed Lauing was re-elected as chair of the commission and Jennifer Hetterly was elected vice-chair, replacing Daria Walsh. Yes: Unanimous

Other business: The commission also discussed potential changes in field-use policy and its upcoming retreat. Action: None

Public Art Commission (Jan. 17)

University Avenue tunnel: The commission approved a plan to move forward with temporary art in the tunnel that would have little to no cost to the commission. Yes:Unanimous

Maintenance of collection: The commission adopted a plan to allow staff to use up to $3,000 for art maintenance and report its use after the fact, instead of asking the commission beforehand. Yes: Unanimous

Juana Briones restroom art: The commission approved "The Apricot Tree of Life" to adorn the side of the Juana Briones restroom for $2,000. Yes: Unanimous

Other business: The commission discussed the youth art awards, the commission's upcoming retreat, plans for upcoming events and workshops, the status of projects at Mitchell Park Library and a staff report on the possibility of receiving the Our Town grant. Action: None