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News - November 23, 2012

Leaves of red

by Photographs Veronica Weber

This weekend may be the best for viewing the vibrant autumn leaves in Palo Alto, according to city arborist Dave Dockter.

"This autumn has produced some of the best seasonal fall color displays," Dockter said. "The best autumn colors show up when a moderate rainfall occurs in early November."

The city's pleasant climate means a late appearance for fall, when cool temperatures cause a deciduous tree to break down the chlorophyll in its leaves. This "unmasks the more stable yellow to orange carotene of the leaf," Dockter said.

Some of the best places to witness these seasonal colors, according to Dockter: the fallen gingko leaves at Ramona Street and Addison Avenue; the red oak on Lucie Stern Community Center's front lawn; and the Boston ivy on the walls of Lanning Chateau at 325 Forest Ave.

—Pierre Bienanime


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