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Spectrum - November 9, 2012


Collect compostables


I'm 100 percent in favor of compostables being picked up along with yard wastes — what an immense reduction to the landfill!

As to whether remaining garbage is collected less frequently or instead included with recyclables, I have no preference — whatever makes the most sense economically for the city is fine with me.

Andy Robin

Walnut Drive

Palo Alto

Remembering McGovern


All of us who worked for George McGovern in the 1972 Presidential race feel a strong tie to this man. He offered us, and all the world, the choice of a genuine leader.

In our case he offered the chance to quit my aerospace job, with my wife going back to work. I found volunteer work managing the McGovern office on Birch Street.

We had a good mix of people dedicated to a peaceful government, ages ranging from 14 to 90. The best memory is of a cab driver, who would double park daily so he could drop a dollar bill in the contribution can.

Well, all of us can enjoy the fact that we won every precinct in Palo Alto except one. Let's hope we have such a favorable national vote this November.

Paul F. Garrett

California Avenue

Palo Alto

Antenna woes


AT&T contractors recently installed a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cell antenna and equipment on the telephone pole next to my property line. This days-long installation was very stressful for me and left me with damaged landscaping. The Street Work Permits issued by the city to contractors contain clauses that were ignored by the workers, even after complaints were made to city inspectors.

The workers disregarded the permit section, which stated "landscaping that is disturbed shall be restored to its original condition."

We were not given the required 72-hour notice prior to the start of work. My driveway was blocked for the better part of the day with virtually no prior notification, another violation of the work permit.

The permit could have been revoked for violations, but it was not. Whatever the purpose of the permit, it did not protect residents from the lack of consideration by the contractors.

My neighbor and I now have to live with the constant noise emitted 24/7 by the equipment installed by AT&T contractors. Who is going to ensure the equipment is operating within the mandated guidelines? This installation is part of the first phase involving 20 telephone poles in the city.

There are, I believe, a total of 98 to be installed before AT&T has the number it needs. Residents should be forewarned.

Eleanor Bassler

Louis Road

Palo Alto

City-zens United?


So, the Palo Alto Weekly reports our City Council is considering giving support to the Citizens United efforts to void the voting clout of corporations, who are considered to be people for voting rights.

Well then, are cities, and city councils, people? Or, do we as citizens have the right to make the determination of where our money is spent?

Do I have a vote in this arena?

'tis a puzzlement — but I want the vote!

Chuck Atchison

Lincoln Avenue

Palo Alto


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