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Palo Alto Weekly

Spectrum - November 2, 2012

Editorial: Our election recommendations

Palo Alto City Council

(See editorial published Oct. 5)

Marc Berman

Pat Burt (i)

Liz Kniss

Greg Schmid (i)

Palo Alto Unified School District Board of Education

(See editorial published Oct. 12)

Melissa Baten Caswell (i)

Ken Dauber

Heidi Emberling

Foothill-DeAnza College District Board of Trustees

Joan Barram (i)

Betsy Bechtel (i)

Laura Casas Frier (i)

County Board of Education

Grace Mah (i)

U.S. House of Representatives

Anna Eshoo (D) (i)

State Senate

Jerry Hill (D)

State Assembly

Rich Gordon (D) (i)

County Measure A (Sales tax increase)

(See editorial published Oct. 26)


County Measure B (Water parcel tax extension)

(See editorial published Oct. 26)


Palo Alto Measure C (Marijuana dispensaries)

(See editorial published Sept. 14)


State Propositions

(See editorial published Oct. 19)

30 (Sales & income tax increase) Yes

31 (Political reform package) Yes

32 (Bans political payroll deductions) No

33 (Auto insurance) No

34 (Repeal death penalty) Yes

35 (Penalties for human trafficking) Yes

36 (Revises Three Strikes law) Yes

37 (Food labeling) No

38 (School tax measure) Yes

39 (Fix corporate tax loophole) Yes

40 (Redistricting) Yes

(i) = Incumbent

(D) = Democrat

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