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News - August 31, 2012

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

Council Regional Housing Mandate Committee (Aug. 28)

Housing: The committee approved a letter to the Association of Bay Area Governments expressing the city's concerns about the Adopted Regional Housing Needs Allocation for the 2014-2022 cycle. Yes: Unanimous

Parks and Recreation Commission (Aug. 28)

Lytton Plaza: The commission approved a proposal to restrict amplified sound at Lytton Plaza to specific times of the day and to allow musicians to purchase permits to play music at the plaza. Yes: Ashlund, Crommie, Hetterly, Lauing, Markevitch, Walsh Absent: Losch

Bike bridge: The commission discussed proposed alignments for a new bike bridge over Highway 101 and approved a letter to Santa Clara County requesting $4 million in grant funds for the bridge. Yes: Crommie, Hetterly, Lauing, Markevitch, Walsh No:Ashlund Absent: Losch

Planning and Transportation Commission (Aug. 29)

Transportation: The commission discussed and approved changes to the Transportation Element in the city's Comprehensive Plan. The commission also voted to extend the planning horizon for the Transportation Element from 2020 to 2025. Yes: Alcheck, Keller, Martinez, Michael, Tanaka, Tuma Absent: Panelli

Page Mill Road: The commission discussed a proposal by Stoecker and Northway Architects to rezone four residential parcels on the 400 block of Page Mill Road to service commercial (CS) and directed the applicants to perform more neighborhood outreach. Yes: Alcheck, Keller, Martinez, Michael, Tanaka, Tuma Absent: Panelli


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