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Cover Story - August 17, 2012

Best Of Palo Alto 2012

Weekly readers cheer the champions of dining, retail and more

The Palo Alto area plays host to a league of popular eateries, retailers, service businesses and outlets for entertainment. Which local restaurants, shops and community favorites make Weekly readers do back flips and touchdown dances? It's all here in this year's Best Of issue.

From where to find the best breakfast or top Thai food to whom to call for dental needs or home furnishings, readers voted on what local establishments vault over the competition and score with patrons.

Some businesses — the Joe Montanas, Willie McCoveys and Chris Mullins of the community, if you will — are Hall of Famers; they've won their categories five years in a row. Some are more like Rookies of the Year, welcome new additions to the local scene.

Flex your literary muscles and read on!


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