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Real Estate - June 22, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

1310 Hillview Drive M. Sheik, re-roof single-family residence, $9,500

945 Monte Rosa Drive J. Peterson, install two skylights, $4,677

639 Santa Cruz Ave. J. Koenig, commercial re-roof, $28,242

3000 Sand Hill Road Sharon Land Company, commercial tenant improvement to building 2, $78,430

52 Willow Road J. Rose, interior demolition including roof structure, $6,500

116 Chester St. J. Phillips, chimney retrofit, $3,100

1118 Hollyburne Ave. S. Emrani, repair failing concrete retaining wall, $7,500

915 Florence Lane D. Conrad, install new tankless water heater and change gas line to water heater, $4,395

4100 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors LLC, replace boiler on roof, $41,000

1045 Santa Cruz Ave. F. & B. Stockdale, multi-residential re-roof, $7,880

327 Central Ave. M. Beachler, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $30,000

12 Anderson Way T. Brackney, addition to a guest bedroom, $54,600

1133 Carlton Ave. D. Martinez, service upgrade, $n/a

825 Santa Cruz Ave. L. Zaro, new sign, $n/a

108 Clover Lane N. Liu, alteration to kitchen, bathrooms, windows, $65,000

900 Windsor Drive R. Fruin, kitchen remodel, no structural wall alterations, $20,000

323 Ivy Drive A. Cerritos, remove/replace furnace, $1,200

445 Burgess Drive P. Pearson, restripe parking lot, $7,500

Palo Alto

1901 Embarcadero Road Roy AERO Enterprise, new electrical in office area, install drywall, vent shop area, $25,000

3395 Louis Road F. Benaderet, remodel kitchen, bathroom, $24,000

180 El Camino Real Simon Properties, construction trailer for Apple store construction, $12,000

515 Homer Drive N. Fritz, refresh garage, includes bedrock and electrical work, $5,000

1423 Hamilton Ave. Munger, replace furnace, ductwork, $n/a

1101 Welch Road, Suite A1 Stanford Hospital & Clinics, infill of door and countertop opening, addition of van accessible parking, $16,000

4009 Miranda, Suite 200 Equity Office Properties, divide existing tenant space into two suites, minor electrical/lighting relocation, $24,000

566 Lincoln Ave. S. & S. Kim, remodel kitchen and two bathrooms, add one bathroom, $68,000; , remodel cottage bathroom, $14,000

101 Alma St., Unit 603 L. Gray-Moin, addition of storm doors and windows, $14,062

849 E. Charleston Road replace old HVAC unit with new five ton gas/electric unit, $n/a

3160 Maddux Drive J. Hager, replace 70,000 BTU Furnace in attic, $11,680

3120 Louis Road A. Baker, water line meter to entire house, copper re-pipe, new water heater, $6,917

1930 Waverley St. C. Wong, remodel bathroom, laundry room, half bathroom, $18,000

723 San Jude L. Landers, remodel bathroom, $2,500

4108 Willmar J. & J. Jaros, replace windows, $8,000

785 Gailen Ave. A. Kotwal & B. Krisnamachari, remodel bathroom, $6,000

330 Ventura Ave., #13 Whitney Property Management, remodel bathroom and kitchen, 100 sq. ft., $15,000

515 Homer Ave. N. Fritz, replace two electric main panels and one subpanel, $n/a

3803 E. Bayshore RoadGoogle, remove and replace roofing, landscape upgrade, new trash enclosure, $1.1 million

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, seismic upgrade exteriors walls, $75,000

291 Alma St. Melcaor Corporation, interior demolition non-structural, $n/a

855 El Camino Real, Ste. 20B Toss Designs, build one 15-foot by 8-foot drywall partition, $15,000

528 Lincoln Ave. M. Schink, bathroom remodel, $10,000

729 E. Charleston Road G. & P. Schlesinger, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $36,000

1145 Middlefield Road M. & N. Homnack, kitchen remodel, 195 sq. ft., $20,000

109 California St. D. London & N. Weintraub, tenant development for optical sales floor, $30,000

658 High St. Carrasco & Assoc., new non-structural partitions, lighting, electrical, HVAC and finishes, $1.2 million

3160 Porter Drive Stanford University, install electric vehicle service equipment, $n/a

825 Cowper St. N. Matityahu, replace 40 windows and six patio doors, $22,520

539 Seale Ave. J. & D. Mewes, bathroom remodel, $7,000

3075 Hansen Way Equity Office Management, add wall with a door, $40,000

258 High St. 275 Alma LLC, install two flood illuminated wall signs to read "Sereno Group," $n/a

1050 Hamilton Ave. B. Pehrson, replace upper floor windows, $10,000

3431 Hillview Ave. Stanford, site improvements for phase 2 buildings, $1,005,000

3127 El Camino Real Silva Properties c/o Tarlton Properties, new underground electrical, water main and meter, fire sprinkler, sewer, $n/a

3431 Hillview Ave. Stanford Real Estate, tenant improvement and exterior renovation, 26,720 sq. ft., $6.5 million


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