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Spectrum - June 1, 2012


Another shortcut?


Do we really need another shortcut between Embarcadero (west) and Newell through the Art Center (formerly City Hall) and the Main Library? The one we have now a block away is seldom used. Why destroy gardens for that?

Marvin Lee

Harker Avenue

Palo Alto

Simitian for Supe


One Saturday morning every year, the board room in the Palo Alto Unified School District office overflows with educators, elected officials and community members from throughout Santa Clara County. I join them in spending two invaluable hours being both informed and entertained by our State Senator Joe Simitian as he provides his Education Update.

In typical Simitian manner, he distills the complex issues of California state public education finance into clear layperson's terms, while sharing his unique insights into their underpinnings and implications for our schools. He holds our rapt attention because we know we are learning from one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, savvy, effective, independent policy-makers in our state.

Senator Simitian is currently running to represent us on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (District 5), to fill the spot being vacated by Supervisor Liz Kniss. We need for the voters of District 5, which includes Palo Alto and its neighboring communities, to vote for Joe in the June 5th election. There is no better candidate for the job, and we cannot afford to lose his voice in the public arena.

Barbara Sih Klausner

Salvatierra Street



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