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Real Estate - June 1, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

1335 Corinne Lane R. Rider, remodel master bath, remove and replace two windows in master bedroom, $35,000

898 Santa Cruz Ave. Bacciocco Enterprises LLC, interior remodel of existing restaurant and storefront change-out, $150,000

335 Concord Drive T. Jones, replace main electrical panel, $2,500

1449 Laurel St. G. Hyde, temporary power pole, $500

849 Roble Ave. #3 N. Olson, replace wall furnace, relocate with new gas and electric lines, $5,000

227 Elliott S. & T. Rosenthal, kitchen remodel, $40,000

1477 Woodland Ave. C. Martin, repair sewer line, $5,000

1530 Bay Laurel Drive W. Noryko, temporary power pole, $100

217 Blackburn Ave. J. Plankinton, remodel kitchen, remove one interior wall, install one exterior wall, $40,000

1055 Lassen Drive M. Lewis, upgrade electric service from 100 to 200 amp, $2,000

325 Sharon Park Drive Radin Co., install new pressure-reducing valve, $450

889 Woodland Ave. J. Broida, replace furnace and duct system, $6,900

950 Sherman Ave. J. Fenton, replace knob-and-tube wiring in bathroom and bedroom and add light fixtures to hallway, $1,500

12 Campbell Lane Leland Stanford Jr. University, re-roof single-family home, $37,950

2490 Sand Hill Road Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, replace shake roof, $46,824

1219 Windermere Ave. Bank of America, kitchen and bath remodel, re-roof, remove non- conforming structures, $30,000

1220 Carlton Ave. Habitat for Humanity, remodel kitchen, bath, seven windows, re-roof, $30,000

1505 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park LLC, relocate lab areas and separate tenants, $125,000

1052 Sonoma Ave. N. Evans & W. Devine, upgrade electric service to 200 amp, $1,800

2199 Clayton Drive Cupertino Development Corp., new 3,283-sq.-ft. single-family house with a 410-sq.-ft. attached garage, $685,000

431 Laurel St. J. Dunne, new skylights and lighting in living and dining room, $120,000

154 Laurel Ave. C. Brunk, install EVSE, car charger, $700

328 Lexington Drive Lazar Trust, remove/replace furnace, $5,000

1090 Klamath Drive J. Ryan, sewer-line replacement, $7,500

501 Laurel St. City of Menlo Park, new detached trash enclosure for new gymnastics center, $3,500

4200 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors LLC, commercial tenant improvement, $225,000

597 Willow Road D. Nellesen, remodel master bath, $32,000

735 Windsor Drive D. Louth, new roof-mounted solar photo system, $51,805

200 San Mateo Drive F. Shakib, single-story residential addition and remodel, $151,000

836 Live Oak Ave. S. Shawn, 29-sq.-ft. addition and alternation of two-story residence, $83,500

1381 Woodland Ave. N. Chopra, remodel kitchen, $60,000

508 Pope St. J. Scolnick, replace water line from meter, $900

2500 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Place Association Sub-Lessee, new demising wall to separate existing office, $45,000

Palo Alto

952 Colonial Lane G & T. Marquart, 300-sq.-ft. addition, $55,000

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett Packard, interior improvements for walls, ceilings, lighting and finishes, $1,168,000

855 El Camino Real Town & Country Village, new electric panel, wall and storefront door, $80,000

3431 Hillview Ave Stanford Real Estate, tenant improvement and exterior renovation, $9,000,000

900 Blake Wilbur Drive Stanford Hospital and Clinic, interior improvements to existing medical office, $217,000

3145 Porter Drive, Bldg. B Stanford University, new walls, doors, lighting, HVAC, 823 sq. ft., $99,999

3130 Hansen Way Varian Medical, new two-story amenity building including cafeteria, fitness center and lecture hall, 30,293 sq. ft., $10,500,000

975 California Ave. PSAI Realty, new lobby and elevator, $99,000

180 El Camino Real NM Properties Group, replace rooftop cooling units with new models, $175,000

900 Blake Wilbur Drive Stanford Hospital & Clinics, tenant improvement to ground-floor lobby and corridor, new lighting, ducting, finishes and electrical work, $217,000

1010 Corporation Way Cap Rock LLC, spec space upgrade, $95,000

3188 Stelling Drive S. Ma, remodel two bathrooms, replace five windows, $20,000

3755 Redwood Circle I. Cheng, pool demolition, $n/a

722 Gailen Ave. F. Levenback, add mods to existing #5 total PV array, $n/a

364 S. California Ave. Bass Investment LLC, install tankless water heater, extend gas line to unit, $n/a

4160 Briarwood Way C. McKillop, remodel kitchen and install tankless electric water heater, $5,000

180 Monroe Drive J. Martin, replace window with door, new patio and outdoor kitchen, $40,000

2060 Webster St. J. Gray, retrofit chimney/fireplace, $6,000

557 E. Crescent A. & R. Johnson, add bathroom to existing space, 150 sq. ft., $20,000

1137 Fife Ave. A. & U. Bellary, add barbecue/buffet with sink with ejector pump to existing house sewer line, $n/a

2701 Greer St. B. & N. Wade, replace all windows with double-paned windows, install new siding, $45,000

873 Clara Drive C. Price, remodel bath, $13,000

432 W. Meadow Drive C. Lorenz, replace foundation and repair work for existing detached two-story accessory building, $15,000

1185 Skyline Blvd. Midpeninsula Open Space, new deck, $18,000

2103 Amherst St. A. Ross, remodel bathroom, $9,000

100 Hamilton Ave. ECI Hamilton LLC, replace roof top chiller, $n/a

1184 Palo Alto Ave. K. Cooper & G. Zehr, remodel upstairs bathroom, remove first-floor powder room and create new powder room out of closet, 4143 sq. ft., $32,382

3141 Morris Ave. P. Slakey, add single circuit to new 96-sq.-ft. storage shed, $n/a

3145 Porter Drive, Bldg. E Stanford University, new wall, door, lighting, HVAC, $60,000

187 Walter Hays Drive T. Cheng, remodel kitchen, retrofit window, $20,000

850 Guinda St.C. Rivas, add 72-sq.-ft. shower stall, extend upstairs bedroom, $20,000

265 Lytton Ave. A-9, demolition of non-structural partitions and finishes, $10,280

671 Bryson Ave. M. Seiders & C. Tracy, add second story, remodel first story, demolish detached garage, 2652 sq. ft., $172,003

3421 Hillview Ave. VM Ware, new city secondary electrical transformer, service entrance switchboard, new exit doors, $50,000

2115 Edgewood Drive V. Vi, remodel kitchen and bathroom, laundry area addition, $n/a

811 Channing Ave. A. Hertel, addition to hall bath, new ceiling fixtures, replace all windows, $23,000; convert two car garage to one car and re-roof, $n/a

831 Kipling St. J. Starr, replace single-pane windows with dual pane, replace kitchen cabinets, install washer, dryer and plumbing and electrical, replace sliding door, $15,000


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