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Real Estate - May 11, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

216 Oakhurst Plaza D. Tinsley, residential addition of 187 sq. ft. to a one-story, single-family residence, $35,000

1056 Greenwood Drive J. & W. Smith, residential interior remodel of 728 sq. ft., $35,000

4040 Campbell Ave. Deerfield Campbell LLC, a commercial tenant improvement to an existing commercial shell, $109,000

360 Claire Plaza A. Tomkins, a new two-story single-family home with a basement, $1,000,000

700 El Camino Real Menlo Station Development, commercial interior tenant improvement, $200,000

211 O'Keefe St. F. Chamberlain, a 30-sq.-ft., addition to a single-family residence, including an interior remodel of 711 sq. ft., $10,000

230 McKendry Drive K. Leeder, replace furnace in the same location in the attic and weatherize home, $10,245

729 Harvard Ave. A. Macbride, remodel kitchen and two bathrooms, $50,000

998 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property LP, exterior commercial demolition, $2,000

155 Hedge Road C. Arrington, addition of 87 sq. ft. for new entryway to one-story, single-family residence, $15,000

205 Hanna Way A. Eustace, remodel kitchen and upgrade electrical to dining and family room, $65,000

765 Evergreen St. G. Desandre, frame in for new gas fireplace in front of existing fireplace, $12,000

201 Hedge Road J. Davies, kitchen remodel, $10,000

701 Laurel St. City of Menlo Park, install new duplex outlet, $200

1750 Stanford Ave. S. & P. Liang, re-roofing, $14,500

889 Woodland Ave. J. Broida, voluntary seismic upgrade, $6,300

1153 Santa Cruz Ave. B. Eiref, install new circuit, $612

1150 Crane St. J. Chiappe, commercial tenant improvement of 352 sq. ft. to convert an existing storage space, $7,000

1330 University Drive #64 Oliveira, interior remodel including demolition of a few walls, $200,000

766 Nash Ave. J. Anderson, dry-rot repair to the sub-floor and shower wall in the bathroom, $4,000

150 Buckthorn Way M. Berhow, re-roofing, $9,510

812 Laurel Ave. A. Kerr, addition of 373 sq. ft. to the left side of home and an interior remodel of 114 sq. ft., $216,000

1715 Santa Cruz Ave. K. Wolf, pool demolition, $n/a

188 Felton Drive N. Bartle, convert powder room into new laundry room/remodel hall bath, $30,000

642 Santa Cruz Ave. JP Morgan Chase Bank, new illuminated sign on building, $3,000

640 Wallea Drive I. Olson, re-roofing, $17,300

1111 Johnson St. E. & M. Gananian, sewer replacement, $4,000

1131 Saxon Way S. Satvatmanesh, new two-story, single-family house, $600,000

1052 Sonoma Ave. W. & N. Devine, chimney retrofit for seismic upgrade, $2,800

1300 Trinity Drive R. Dressler, remove and replace existing wood walkway to the front of the house, $2,400

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, install one Hamilton ASM automatic sample management system in building L, $70,000; commercial alteration to Bldg T, $525,000

1601 Willow Road Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, interior commercial demo to Bldg. 12, $50,000; Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, interior demolition to Bldg. 14, $50,000

1149 Chestnut St. Pathmark Group LP, install four emergency lighting/exit signs, $1,100

451 Hamilton Ave. D. & U. Chand, property clean out, $500

400 Santa Margarita Ave. D. Sinha, master bath remodel, new powder room, furnace in the attic, $55,000

116 O'Connor St. S. Thoke, additional furnace to secondary dwelling unit, $6,000

Palo Alto

1823 Middlefield Road A. Chang, addition, remodel, $90,761

4161 El Camino Way Suite A Tristate Enterprises, replace rails throughout complex, $245,000

350 W. Meadow Drive K. Khody, new one-story residence with attached garage, $485,058

2945 Sandra Place M. Lansberg, new two-story single-family residence, $365,000

3426 Murdoch Drive B. Fong & Y. Chu, new residence, $388,000

568 Irven Court L. Huang, construct new two-story single-family residences, $377,000

4008 El Cerrito Road J. Witt, new 3,747-sq.-ft. single-family one-story house with two-car garage, $624,746

590 Forest Ave. Bay Area Industrial, interior demolition, $n/a

365 Lincoln Ave. Layton, new pool and spa, $110,000

1850 Fulton St. Lederer/Orr, update cottage, add French slider door, $23,000

788 Stern Ave. M. Tran, remove wall, restructure closet doors, remodel bathroom, $18,000

2465 South Court E. & M. Dubreuil, remodel bathroom, $12,000

3745 La Selva Drive J. Benza, replace kitchen cabinet, relocate stove, washer/dryer, install recessed lighting, $20,000

317 Tennyson Ave. B. Ryan, renovate bathroom, $14,000

1610 Escobita Stanford University, remodel bathroom, $23,000

213 Ramona St. Ashem Properties, add bathroom in fourplex, $9,200

140 and 142 Tennyson Ave. D. Chung, two new single-family houses, garages, $361,573 each

3666 La Calle remodel bathroom, $6,000

3548 South Court F. Wu & D. Chan, add 822 sq. ft., $139,709

852 Lincoln Ave. J. Amato Graccia, remodel three bathrooms, $48,000

3500 Emma Court A. Wong, complete stone veneer on front face of house, $450

815 Oregon Ave. D. & D. Liu, add 400 sq. ft. to front of house, remodel kitchen, $138,000

1601 California Ave. Theranos, interior non-structural demolition on upper and lower level, $n/a

385 Nelson Drive J. & J. Liberatore, replace one window, retro-fit seven windows, all dual pane milagro aluminum, $5,000

3445 Alma St. D.R. Horton Bay, Inc., three temporary power poles, $n/a


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