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News - April 20, 2012

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

City Council (April 16)

Cubberley: The council approved a set of guiding principles for discussing the future of Cubberley Community Center. Yes: Burt, Holman, Klein, Price, Scharff, Schmid, Shepherd, Yeh Absent: Espinosa

Medical: The council approved the retiree medical report with changes to the amortization method. Yes: Burt, Espinosa, Holman, Klein, Scharff, Shepherd, Yeh No: Schmid Absent: Espinosa

Council Finance Committee (April 17)

Grants: The committee recommended reducing by 29 percent the city's Community Development Block Grant funding for fiscal year 2013. Yes: Price, Scharff, Shepherd No: Burt

Refuse Rate: The committee recommended a flat-rate increase to the residential refuse rate and no changes to the commercial rate. Yes: Unanimous

Historic Resources Board (April 18)

433 Melville: The board approved the proposed renovation, alteration and addition to 433 Melville Ave. Yes: Unanimous

Council Finance Committee (April 18)

Water: The committee recommended raising the water rates by 15 percent, which would boost the utility's revenues by $4.7 million. Yes: Unanimous

Architectural Review Board (April 19)

Cogswell Plaza: The board discussed the preliminary design for Cogswell Plaza, including new landscaping and removal of turf area. Action: None


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