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Real Estate - March 9, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

1323 Almanor Ave. Habitat for Humanity, remodel kitchen/bathroom and re-roof, $35,000

167 E. Creek Drive C. Wolf, new outdoor kitchen/barbecue and gas line, $2,000

3 Maywood Lane W. Mcpherson, repair damaged stucco at front of house, $4,500

1200 Woodland Ave. J. Wiley, remove and replace 90,000 BTU FAU in existing location, $5,845

1131 Werth Ave. A. Castagna, remodel powder room and change out front door, $10,000

2145 Sharon Road P. Connolly, balcony repair, $400

978 Continental Drive K. Chin, install flush mount PV system, $20,000

595 Oakfield Lane G. & E. Liddle, gas line repair/test, $400

1444 San Antonio St. Heavensent Development LLC, demolish single family residence, $8,500

283 Terminal Ave. T. Tian, electrical service upgrade, $500

11 Coleman Plaza B. Ching, replace water heater, $2,800

522 Central Ave. S. Michie, bath remodel, $10,000

937 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, commercial tenant improvement, $85,000

421 Linfield Drive J. & L. Matthews, residential re-roofing, $15,000

1180 May Brown Ave. J. Stoner, re-roofing, $16,000

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. A101. L. Kraft, re-roof building E, $82,159

268 Marmona Drive S. Rankin, remodel kitchen, bath, closet and front entry, $50,000

419 Central Ave. J. Mcclenahan, relocate water heater/furnace and install washer/dryer, $24,000

60 Willow Road R. Salome, remodel three bathrooms, $18,000

838 Roble Ave. #2 T. Gebhardt, replace existing 25k BTU wall heater, $1,300

4 Robert S Drive R. Sege, auto gate replacement/gate and driveway expansion, $18,000

236 Robin Way L. Pavey, 444-sq.-ft. and 774-sq.-ft addition to single-family residence, $150,000

503 Pope St. N. Hess, voluntary prescriptive seismic strengthening, $4,800

990 Marsh Road Marsh Road Associates LLC, commercial tenant improvement of existing office space, $220,000

400 Ravenswood Ave. #9 A. & M. Chan, new subpanel, $200

908 Middle Ave. #E S. Chen, install exterior door and replace water heater, $350; pool demolition, $6,000

809 Santa Cruz Ave. J. Digiovanni, new 400-amp service in a commercial restaurant, $12,000

685 Roble Ave. R. Rochelle, replacement of 50 ft. of gas service for five units, $5,000

825 Santa Cruz Ave. L. Zaro, commercial tenant improvement of 2075-sq.-ft., $50,000

Palo Alto

2153 Waverley St. I. Donahue, dry rot, termite, foundation repair, $n/a

707 Bryant St. #204 V. Keegan, remodel shower, $3,500

3500 Deer Creek Road Stanford University, add four thermal chambers, $140,000

190 El Camino Real #186A Microsoft, refresh dumbwaiter, $95,000

175 Byron St. K. Stormer, heating, $n/a

1053 Lincoln Ave. S. Mowlem, heating, $n/a

2111 Middlefield Road C. Hu, interior remodel, $150,000

530 Hawthorne Ave. J. Leamy, rebuild exterior stairs, $7,000

3000 El Camino Real Equity Office, install new air, $n/a

101 Alma St. #1106 Westlake Inv., remodel baths and kitchen, $31,000

610 Middlefield Road repair dryrot in deck, patio door, stucco, $40,000

149 Bryant St. P. Karol, remodel kitchen, $13,400

3170 Ross Road J. Carl, demo swimming pool, $n/a

1156 Forest Ave. M. Kronick, re-pipe water under floor, $n/a

3410 Hillview Ave. SAP, replace skylight, $24,999

3271 Murray Way B. & M. Hinden, remodel kitchen, $20,000


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