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Cover Story - March 2, 2012

Honorable Mentions

The following stories were selected among the top ten in each category.

Children 9-11

Zach Foster - "The Turkey Saving Association"

Chloe Kim "How the Zebra and White Tiger Got Their Stripes"

Benjamin Huang - "LEGO Trilogy Part 1"

Devony Hof - "Grandma"

Lhaga Dingpontsawa - "The Lost Ring"

Osmanthus Lynch - "Small Isn't All"

Tara Popovic - "My Antarctic Experience"

Teen 12 - 14

Rena Silverman - "Marina's Orca-to-English, English-to-Orca Dictionary"

Jessie Rong - "Trigger"

Ananya Ram - "The Night Before Christmas"

Kyle Chin - "The Blue Birds"

Lauren Bruce - "Weird Type of Smile"

Grace Yukiko Kuffner - "True Colors"

Young Adult 15-17

Isabel Kwiatkowski - "Sam"

Ian Sears - "Complete Recovery"

Olivia Nichols - "Her Mother's Cookies"

Sanjana Saxena - "Ali vs. Ali"

Benjamin Steinberg - "Long Gone"

Brian Benton - "Sweating"

Caitlyn Crosby - "Tock"

Sabrina Lui - "Colors"

Adult 18+

Dawn Wood - "Magical Places"

Misuk Park - "Somewhere in Birdland"

Janice Bohman - "Sunscreen"

Jeanne Althouse - "Goran Holds His Breath"

Ann M. Jona - "Calle Del Traghetto"

Katy Motiey - "Broken Glass"

Shelly Strebel - "Sake and Ashes"


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