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Cover Story - March 2, 2012

Emily Katz, 'Merry Go Round'

Writing is more than an activity for me. Writing is a release, and a way of sharing my thoughts with other people. When I learned about the short story contest, I was thrilled that I could have the possibility of sharing with many people, that I had the chance to tell them a story.

I wrote multiple stories, and it took multiple tries, but I decided on this one simply because it was my favorite. I tried to work into it a message about the delicacies of life, how the smallest things and shortest moments can change us, and about how we should make every moment matter. I wanted to show the reader these different characters, with different stories and backgrounds, and intertwine their lives for a few simple minutes.

The end of the story is fairly open ended, leaving the reader to decide exactly where these people go with their lives. The people who ride the merry-go-round represent the fact that everyone has a story behind them, and that story is made up of moments like the ones they experience on the carousel.

Judge's comment

"Merry Go Round" is an ambitious piece of work, featuring multiple points of view rendered in a very convincing manner.


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