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Real Estate - March 2, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

934 Millie Ave. S. Russell, install tankless water heater, $1,100

206 Santa Margarita Ave. A. Teal, 955-sq.-ft. addition and 1818-sq.-ft. interior alteration to single-story home, $200,000; detached accessory building, $n/a

865 Sharon Park Drive V. Luth, replace sewer line, $14,500

141 Forest Lane W. Armstrong, re-roofing, $13,500

3760 Haven Ave. J. Spielman, commercial interior demolition, $75,000; commercial first-floor tenant improvement, $900,000

3760 Haven Ave. David D. Bohannon Organization, a commercial site grading permit, $25,000

449 Glenwood Ave. P. Behrakis, re-roof apartment complex, $17,000

4100 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors, wall-mounted sign with metal letters, $10,580

720 Creek Drive C. & J. Woods, remove and replace wood shingles over entry, $2,790

304 O'Keefe St. S. Vidwans, replace garage windows, $3,300

311 Hedge Road P. Du, kitchen and bath remodel $50,000

1205 Chrysler Drive B. & J. King, commercial re-roofing, $164,377

1480 Bay Laurel Drive L. Seeff, new patio for outdoor fire pit and outdoor kitchen, $6,800

304 Oakwood Plaza M. Eynon, electrical rewiring of detached garage, $700

150 Alma St. #215 M. Rakov, bathroom remodel, $400

68 Yale Road R. Harris, voluntary seismic upgrade, $5,200

1105 Hidden Oaks Drive J. Omalley, water-line repair, $4,000

1161 Valparaiso Ave. J. Hung, replacement of furnace, water heater and ducting, $3,900;solar photovoltaic system, $n/a

2725, 2755, 2765 Sand Hill Road Addison Wesley Publishing Co., install seismic gas-safety shut-off valve on the gas meter, $1,625 each

501 Willow Road R. Procter, re-roof, $20,220; re-roof MF residence, $5,200

175 E. Creek Drive J. Modry, replace circuit for lighting, switching receptacles, $4,400

333 Middlefield Road Bohannon Development Co., addition of two receptacles in the communications room, $1,645

311 Felton Drive M. Comerford, replace insect- and water-damaged arbor/trellis/deck, $15,000

627 Bay Road R. & A. Morrison, new furnace and duct work, $8,595

1020 Cambridge Road R. Verga, gas-leak repair, $1,000

1306 Hollyburne Ave. K. Browder, furnace replacement, $1,500

1123 Hollyburne Ave. A. Allen, gas-line repair, $1,100

1475 Valparaiso Ave. G. Nelch, replace water heater and water line, $1,400

430 Concord Drive D. Hobson, replace sewer line, $5,000

141 University Drive Chase Rooter and Plumbing, replace sewer and water line, $5,000

311 Central Ave. G. & B. Goldberg, new stucco block wall for decorative purpose only, $1,000

1340 Arbor Road M. Linse, installation of EVSE charging dock in garage for electric vehicle, $800


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