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Real Estate - February 3, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

1350 Hillview Drive P. Williams, re-roofing, $19,530

1330 University Drive A. Levy, kitchen remodel and master-bath shower remodel, $26,000

905 Santa Cruz Ave. Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, emergency gas-line repair, $n/a

352 Central Ave. C. Tsai, re-roof detached garage, $n/a; re-roof main house, $8,000

1110 Cascade Drive, T. Radit, new electrical service and sub-panel upgrade, $3,000

180 Stone Pine Lane, I. Lee, re-roofing, $7,500

522 Central Ave. S. Michie, re-roofing of house only, $18,930

1054 Sonoma Ave. J. Martin, re-roofing and installing lifetime shingles, $9,000

Palo Alto

1125 Oregon Ave. E. Chin, add bedroom and remodel bathroom, $75,000

663 Los Robles Ave. J. Chou, add one story and master suites, enlarge living room and relocate hallway bath, $120,000

420 Guinda St. H. Park, add a second story to an existing one-story house, $228,120

3127 El Camino Real Silva Properties, voluntary seismic improvement, $390,000

91 Morton Way K. Malik, extend kitchen, dining room and laundry, $100,300

873 Newell Road J. Lavan, install skylight, $4,000

145 Hemlock Court P. Renauld, add roof, $12,000

1833 Fulton St. J. Clark, repair water damage, $5,000

1275 Martin Ave. K. Jarvis, replace four hinged doors, $14,205

144 Walter Hays Drive H. Zhang, replace windows, change floor window to a patio door, and enclose a swing door, $7,300

618 Fulton St. C. Blitzer, move dryer vent, add outlets at kitchen and upgrade outlets, $12,000

443 Fern Ave. K. Sessions, framing gas fireplace, $8,000

128 Greenmeadow Way Greenmeadow Homeowners, replace fractured beam, $5,000

2140 Bowdoin St. J. Black, remodel kitchen and bathroom, $110,000

3110 Ramona St. D. Klein, add second floor and reduce garage space, $300,000

1810 Embarcadero Road Arden Realty, add new office in existing office and repair sidewalk, $13,214

3666 El Camino Real, Suite C N. Bach, remodel floor, plumbing and add more outlets, $36,700

775 Paul Ave. Hamai, remodel workshop, $22,000

276 Fairfield Court C. Robinson, remodel full kitchen, $72,842

875 Blake Wilbur Drive Stanford University, install passive DAS, including cable and antenna, $159,842

1433 Alma St. F. Judos, repair front pouch and bathroom, $12,000

4009 Miranda Ave. EOP, tenant improvement, tenant improvement for new offices, $214,983

3160 Porter Drive Stanford University, nonstructural demolition, $n/a; tenant improvement in existing office area, $78,960

684 Marion Ave. R. Bang, add hallway to master room and remodel bathroom and kitchen, $n/a

801 Alma St. Palo Alto Family, LP, four-story, 50-unit residential building with parking garage, $13,000,000

62 Roosevelt Circle, I. Diryazev & J. Greenberg, remodel kitchen, remove fireplace and reduce closet size, $19,400

4134 Baker Ave. R. Wedenig, temporary power pole permit, $n/a

1811 Page Mill Road Stanford University, remodel existing office space, $790,000

1499 Cowper St. B. Koren & D. Sharp, demolish existing house and build new two-story house with basement, $588,660

3149 Ross Road S. Leung, replace two existing furnaces on first and second floor, $2,700

2286 Louis Road F. & E. Ignacio, demo garage, utility room, $n/a; add stair enclosure, upgrade electrical, $9,379; new cottage,$145,530; new detached garage, $26,827

961 Forest Ave. Robichaud, replace kitchen island, $6,000

1741 Edgewood Drive D. Arfin, install EVSE circuit, $n/a

966 Auken Circle F. Lockfield, install new EVSE circuit and unit, $n/a

2371 Ross Road M. Huang, remodel kitchen, bath, add 96 sq. ft., $48,591

1505 Emerson St. K. Liu, furnace, $n/a

272 Whitclem J. Wofeld, replace kitchen cabinets, windows, remove nonbearing wall, $20,350

707 Bryant St. #204 V. Keegan, replace bathtub/shower, faucets, vanity, $5,450

2799 Middlefield Road R. Cavallero, tenant improvement at salon, $25,000

3171 Mackall Way G. Mayers, remodel kitchen, $n/a

738 Rosewood Drive C. Thekkath, new water heater, $n/a

4054 Ben Lomond DJM Partnership, remodel kitchen, two bathrooms, replace windows, $33,000

1094 Tanland Drive #106 & #206 Prometheus Real Estate, remove wall between kitchen and dining room, $n/a

437 Ruthven Ave. Sherman, garage sheer wall, $n/a

1611 Stanford Ave. University Lutheran Church, convert portion of meeting building to daycare use, update bathroom to ADA standards, $10,000

101 Alma St. #1204 X. Dong & H. Ren, enclose lanai, $18,833

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett-Packard/Stanford, add two sub-slab depressurization points and tie into existing system, $9,336

3251 Hanover St. Lockheed Martin, demo, $n/a

557 E. Crescent Drive R. Johnson, replace 13 windows, $18,000

1051 E. Meadow Circle Crystal Tech LLC, interior demo, $n/a

1035 E. Meadow Circle Crystal Tech LLC, interior demo, $n/a

330 Ventura Ave. #2 Whitley Property management, remodel kitchen, bath, $15,000

457 Kingsley Ave. First Presbyterian Church, install accessibility ramp, $45,000

1270 University Ave. A. Sims, replace furnace, $1,950


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