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Real Estate - January 27, 2012

Building permits

Menlo Park

115 University Drive C. Working, underground water service replacement with copper piping, $2,800

1831 Stanford Ave. S. Oesterling, electric-car charger installation, $1,200

1010 El Camino Real I. Tan, 3,793-sq.-ft. interior renovation of office space, $195,000

1035 Trinity Drive S. Kuo, re-roofing, $19,000

1335 Henderson Ave. J. Bower, electrical service upgrade, $800

1040 Hamilton Court AMB Property, add exterior light fixtures, $5,000

52 Politzer Drive J Child, replace sewer main, $11,100

551 Grace Drive A. Teng, repair sewer line, $3,583

1460 Mills Court D. Walter, solar panel on roof, $15,649

56 Willow Road J Nimmo, general landscaping and new steel arbor, $16,500

5 Shasta Lane C. Chou, photovoltaic solar system, $33,551

820 Magnolia St. M. Hsieh, replace existing furnace, $3,400

20 Sharon Court V. Kanevsky, 167-sq.-ft. addition and 450-sq.-ft. alteration, $100,000

1243 Madera Ave. M. Baskauskas, 323-sq.-ft. addition and re-roofing, $45,000

1365 Delfino Way K. Griggs, 493-sq.-ft. addition and 1,948-sq.-ft. alteration, $280,000

1460 O'Brien Drive Heffernan Insurance, commercial tenant improvement, $424,863

1601 Willow Road Facebook, courtyard landscape and lighting remodel, $4,100,000; courtyard screen foundation, $50,000; new auxiliary structure for food services, $500,000

634 College Ave. G. Stivers, replace furnace, $8,000

220 Market Place Bank of America, kitchen and bath renovation, remove illegal additions on property, remove wall in garage, $30,000

1030 Deanna Drive A. Bianchi, kitchen remodel, remove kitchen wall, new bay window, fireplace, windows and doors, $125,000

720 Creek Drive C. Woods, remove and replace wood shingles over entry, $2,790

304 O'Keefe St. S. Vidwans, replace garage windows, $3,300

330 Ravenswood Ave. Trinity Church, repair gas leak, $n/a

311 Hedge Road P. Du Charme, kitchen and bath remodel, $50,000

3760 Haven Ave. D Bohannon, a commercial site grading permit, $25,000

333 Linfield Place M. Killen, photovoltaic solar system, $16,000

111 Durham St. M. Travers, photovoltaic solar system, $15,000

550 Oak Grove Ave. Derry Family Partnership, install backflow device, $500


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