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News - December 9, 2011

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

Council Rail Committee (Dec. 5)

Lobbyist: The committee interviewed representatives from the firms California Strategies & Advocacy and Professional Evaluation Group as part of its effort to hire a Sacramento lobbyist. Action: None

City Council (Dec. 5)

Golf course: The council discussed various design options for reconfiguring the Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course to accommodate construction of a new levee. Action: None

Development Center: The council approved a $1.5 million budget amendment to add staffing to the Development Center. Yes: Unanimous

Council Finance Committee (Dec. 6)

Fleet maintenance: The committee recommended directing staff to solicit proposals for leasing, maintenance and management of the city's light-duty vehicles. Yes: Unanimous

Library: The committee recommended accepting a staff report on oversight of library-bond funds and directed the Administrative Services Department to formalize policies and procedures for oversight and expenditure of these funds. Yes: Schmid, Shepherd, Yeh No: Scharff

Historic Resources Board (Dec. 7)

AT&T: The board reviewed and recommended approving a proposal by AT&T to install wireless communication equipment on an existing pole at 1248 Waverley St. Yes: Unanimous

Utilities Advisory Commission (Dec. 7)

Electricity: The commission discussed a staff plan to achieve carbon neutrality in the city's electric portfolio and recommended approving the staff proposal. Yes: Unanimous

Gas: The commission supported staff's revisions to the city's Gas Utility Long-Term Plan objectives, strategies and implementation plan. Yes: Unanimous

Council Rail Committee (Dec. 8)

Lobbyist: The committee voted to recommend hiring Professional Evaluation Services to represent the city on high-speed-rail issues in Sacramento. Yes: Unanimous

Principles: The committee voted to send two versions of proposed revisions to the city's guiding principles to the full council for consideration. Both versions support termination of the high-speed rail project. Yes: Unanimous

Architectural Review Board (Dec. 8)

AT&T antennas: The board reviewed a proposal by AT&T to install wireless communication equipment at 19 existing utility poles. The board recommended approving the proposal with conditions that included requiring AT&T to test the noise level of the new equipment and to use trees to screen the equipment. Yes: Lew, Malone Prichard, Wasserman, Young Absent: Lee


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