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Real Estate - November 11, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1262 Sharon Park Drive A. Moraza, kitchen and bathroom remodel with a new skylight, $30,000

1455 Adams Drive Raychem Corp, provide hallway access to Lab 1165, $5,000

1372 Sevier Ave. J. Oxarl, interior remodel to the kitchen and windows, $56,000

370 Santa Margarita Ave. R. Buschini, replace 40-gallon water heater, $1,600

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, install a pair of doors with wire mesh, $10,000

1275 Trinity Drive M. Asimow, add skylight to bedroom/office, $3,000

1870 Oak Ave. C. Winterer, re-roof, $22,120

1970 Oakdell Drive F. Compagno, kitchen, master bath and hall bath remodel and install French doors, $100,000

1870 Oakdell Drive K. Hayfor, remove/replace 11 Velux skylights, $3,500

1234 Crane St. S. Butler, outdoor kitchen and new wood deck, $12,000

223 O'Keefe St. S. Brenneman, remove and replace all existing furnace and AC, $10,200

1145 Hillview Drive R. Riggs, 497-sq.-ft. addition and 2,258-sq.-ft. remodel, $150,000

625 Oak Grove Ave. Oak Grove Ave. LLC, tenant improvement, $16,600

City of Menlo Park Parking Plaza City of Menlo Park, electrical work and improvements, $50,000

403 O'Keefe St. K. King, bath remodel, $15,000

4 Alder Place J. Carr, barbecue counter, trellis and firepit, $14,000

1145 Saxon Way D. Kopf, kitchen and bathroom remodel with 12 window replacements, $n/a

1275 San Mateo Drive W. Frauenhofer, remodel existing guest house/garage, $78,980

449 Santa Margarita Ave. J. Propp, electrical vehicle charging cell and upgrade, $1,900

1025 Windsor Drive Y. Chu, re-roof, $12,000

909 Siskiyou Drive R. Hogue, remodel three bathrooms, $30,000

Palo Alto

780 Palo Alto Ave. V. & E. Bellows, remove and build new garage, $12,000

165 Forest Ave. install backflow device and expansion tank, $n/a

400 Hamilton Ave. Hamilton Management, non-structural demolition of walls, $n/a

1285 Hamilton Ave. C. Sigman, renovate kitchen and bathroom, $60,841

3303 Hillview Ave. Tibeo, install trailer, $n/a

101 Alma St. Palo Alto Condo Owner's Association, new fitness room, recreation and meeting rooms, upgrade one restroom and construct accessible restroom, $110,000

3101 Park Blvd. Park Place Association, interior renovation of existing office space, $n/a

3410 Laguna Ave. D. Sachs, electrical work in kitchen, kitchen remodel, $5,000

730 Bryant St. Stevens, upgrade framing and some electrical works, $97,000

2501 Park Blvd. Park Blvd. Investment, LLC, seismic upgrade, reworking two bathrooms, $69,000

2350 Ross Road R. Carleton, kitchen remodel, $10,000

816 La Para Ave. J. Hu, kitchen remodel, replace fireplace and window in family room, relocate subpanel, $46,000

327 Curtner Ave. Whitley Property Management Inc., remodel kitchen and bathroom, $32,700

330 Ventura Ave. Whitley Property Management Inc., remodel kitchen and bathroom, $21,000


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