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Real Estate - October 28, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

66 Willow Place G. Frykberg, interior demolition, $40,000

719 Hermosa Way D. Fisher, solar photovoltaic, $n/a

922 Rose Ave. B. Erickson, install new sewer line in yard, $5,400

4400 Bohannon Drive WSC Menlo Oaks Investors, commercial tenant improvement, $177,000

839 Roble Ave. P. Filho, deck repair, $5,000

8 Coleman Place #2 J. Pollack, kitchen remodel, $5,000

264 Hedge Road J. Reiter, re-roof, $13,300

22 Susan Gale Court D. Caddes, deck extension, $12,000

2030 Menalto Ave. R. Benito, main panel changeout, $4,500

1357 Mills St. P. Lancestremere, re-roof, $12,969

6 Zachary Court K. Burns, new pool/spa, $68,000

580 Cotton St. D. Spiegel, new 4,500-square-feet home, $2,000,000

1134 Madera Ave. R. Illowsky, re-roof, $11,110

1015 Atkinson Lane C. Hopkins, re-roof, $14,975

1022 Alma St. R. Armstrong, install two new hoods for prep kitchen, $9,999

1160 Pine St. A R. Floridia, replace furnace, $1,950

170 Hanna Way J. Deutsch, replace water heater, $1,000

619 Bay Road A. Buck, kitchen remodel, $50,000

1272 Madera Ave. D. Wong, install EV charger system, $4,000

1264 Mills St. A. Thurlow, install one EV8E charging station, $4,000

283 Terminal Ave. T. Yibin, single-family residence addition and re-roof, $99,200

445 Oak Grove Ave. 011 T. Burns, bathroom remodel, $4,000

512 Sand Hill Circle E. Nelson, re-roof, $10,000

264 Marona Drive M. Harding, relocate gas line, $1,475

223 O'Keefe St. S. Brenneman, electrical service upgrade, $1,800

485 Arbor Road S. & S. Chilukuri, bath remodel, $23,000

17 Greenwood Place J. Whitty, electrical panel upgrade, $1,600

204 Lennox Ave. J. Todd, new forced-air furnace, $2,000

3549 Haven Ave. Haven Associates, backflow device, $15,000

352 Waverly St. 3 M. & C. Feinstein, furnace replacement, $1,700

1274 Bay Laurel Drive J. Micek, sewer lateral replacement, $7,200

2328 Branner Drive F. Sepp, re-roof, $16,000

6 Hesketh Court R. Quinlan, re-roof, $26,500

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. D304 R. Grimes, kitchen and bath remodel soundproofing, $30,000

580 Wallea Drive D. Matzinger, convert office to garage, $3,000

143 E. Creek Drive R. Kieler, kitchen and bath remodel and replace three windows, $35,000

925 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, commercial tenant improvement, $7,300

1100 Middle Ave. First Baptist Church of Menlo Park, replace T-Mobile equipment cabinet, $7,000

1147 Windsor Way C. Lucchesi, re-roof, $10,400

1475 Woodland Ave. S. Chandran, dry-rot repair and electrical rewiring and upgrade 2nd floor bath, $30,000

1701 Stone Pine Lane D. Nguyen, remove and replace furnace and AC rooftop units, $9,200

640 Coleman Ave. 3 Coleman Apartments, kitchen remodel, $n/a

253 Marmona Drive A. Flores, re-roof, $11,350

2 Zachary Court A. Chopra, remove and replace water heater, $700

1360 Willow Road Willow Park Holding, remove and replace existing backflow device, $7,500

118 Baywood Ave. R. Wilson, re-roof back pitched section only, $2,485

1007 Windermere Ave. J. Ellington, remove and replace two windows, $2,000;

convert illegal office in garage back to garage, $2,000

188 San Andreas Drive S. Dutta, 199-sq.-ft. addition to single-family residence, $30,000

360 Marmona Drive R. Cronin, replace sewer line, $3,920

226 Terminal Ave. G. Gray, install new gas main line, $2,000

Palo Alto

740 Seale Ave. B. Gassee, new two-story house with basement, $922,704; two-car garage, $21,087

154 Walter Hays Drive I. and V. Henderson, remodeling and façade improvements, $130,000

3885 Nelson Drive C. F. Liu, replace sliding door, $3,489.59

2908 Sevyson Court D. and M. Cohen, remodeling, $107,000

3618 Laguna Ave. D. Sachs, bathroom remodel, $10,000

855 El Camino Real #14 T. Shadle, install new electrical, $20,000

2600 El Camino Real #110 Stanford Financial Square, tenant improvements and bathroom remodel, $43,000

735 Mayview Ave. M. Gummalam, new covered patio, $14,000; convert shed into pool house, $18,700

241 Curtner Ave. Spieker Company Inc., new retrofitted windows, $25,000

3421 Kenneth Drive F. Harbert, living-room addition and kitchen remodel, $60,500

1791 Arastradero Road J. Plane, tenant improvements, $n/a

1022 Metro Circle Y. Shen and J. Huen, window and frame replacements, $1,052

4140 Old Adobe Road D. Wang and T. Sugimoto, new single-family residence, $900,000; new garage, $41,500

1341 Harker Ave. M. and D. Bowman, new detached garage with study and half bath, $59,850; new two-story residence with basement, $910,000

886 Chimalus Drive M. Zaidi, new single-family residence, $500,000

2021 Newell Road D. Ku and A. Chen, remove pool, $n/a

4009 Miranda Ave. Affymax, install UPS system, $15,000

370 Addison Ave. C. and L. Forrester, second-floor addition and porch restoration, $96,870; relocate existing garage, $8,000

527 Seale Ave. J. McCown, replace fireplace and chimney with gas unit, $10,000

1060 Palo Alto Ave. T. Alex, new swimming pool, $2,265

4243 Manuela Ave. A. Chuta, modify existing mounted cell site, $15,000

688 Loma Verde Ave. L. Tsalenko, replace French door, $12,000

120 Hawthorne Ave. interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

2515 El Camino Real A/C add on and replacement, $25,000

3954 Nelson Court Gautier, remodel kitchen, remove and replace cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, plumbing, and upgrade electrical service panel, $13,000

725 Desoto Drive P. Millman, kitchen remodel and addition, $33,311

582 Patricia Lane A. Eriksson and C. Hughes, second-floor addition, remodel kitchen, two bathrooms and front floor, $203,830

2521 Cowper St. H. Ma, bedroom addition, bedroom closet remodel, $35,655

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, commercial tenant improvement, $380,000

820 East Greenwich Place S. Ramrakhiani, new 380-sq.-ft. covered terrace with gas fireplace and barbecue, $15,000

3085 Middlefield Road Wellsbury Apt. Homes, exterior improvements to landscape, replace stair railings and guardrails, new outdoor patios and replace lighting, $85,000

2686 South Court R. Gillam, install attic furnace, ducting, air conditioner, demolish existing furnace and old ductwork, $15,000

3187 David Ave. E. Hsu, build a new two-story single-family home, $500,000

190 Island Drive A. Jadega, renovation of the second-story bathroom, remove a few walls to create a larger room, $52,000

1841 Page Mill Road The Lionstone Group, interior improvements to second floor for new law office, $1,500,000

1245 Hamilton Ave. D. Kornfeld, kitchen remodel, living area and bathroom remodel, $n/a

245 Lytton Ave. Mozart Development, install door frame, $3,000

4069 Park Blvd. G. Goodwin, add living space and remodel house, $168, 681

772 Sutter Ave. M. Ronaghi, new two-story, single-family residence with attached garage, $480,000

837 Ilima Court A. Kaup, replace 12 windows, $7,850

3500 Deer Creek Road Stanford University, roadside line equipment reconfiguration, $44,000

1100 Welch Road jobsite construction trailer in empty lot owned by Stanford Hospital, $50,000

332 Oxford Ave. C. Wong, replace existing air-conditioning unit, $n/a

905 Van Auken Circle W. Ma, front addition, new bath, new master suite, $81,000

1425 Stanford Ave. S. Rosenberg, renovate kitchen, living room and two bedroom in house, install furnace and insulation, new lighting and flooring, $89,976; renovate guest cottage, bath, closet, bedroom and windows, $29,238

534 Emerson St. S. Clyde, add three interior electrical circuits, $n/a

2110 Park Blvd. J. & E. Wall, room remodel, new roof, foundation, walls, $31,000

591 St. Claire Ave. N. Kaginahuni, remodel kitchen, bathroom, upgrade electrical panel and enlarge closet, $38,000

1094 Tanland Drive Prometheus Real Estate, remove existing common laundry room and convert to third bedroom, relocating existing bathroom, $60,000

771 Center Drive A. Phaves, underpin rotated footings with a deeper pad for foundation in four locations, stucco repair and paint, $10,000

414 California St. Bank of the West, interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

780 Palo Alto Ave. V. & E. Bellows, remove and build new garage, $12,000

165 Forest Ave. install backflow device and expansion tank, $n/a

400 Hamilton Ave. Hamilton Management, non-structural demolition of walls, $n/a

1285 Hamilton Ave. C. Sigman, renovate kitchen and bathroom, $60,841

3303 Hillview Ave. Tibeo, install trailer, $n/a

101 Alma St. Palo Alto Condo Owner's Association, new fitness room, recreation and meeting rooms, upgrade one restroom and construct accessible restroom, $110,000

3101 Park Blvd. Park Place Association, interior renovation of existing office space, $n/a