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Real Estate - September 30, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1000 El Camino Real Matteson Inv Corp., install outlet for refrigerator, $1,000

94 Yale Road J. McCrate, temporary power pole

1362 Hollyburne Ave. M. Baskauskas, remodel kitchen, two bathrooms and stucco to outside, $30,000

1036 Cascade Drive T. Vanderveer, remodel two bathrooms, $n/a

1034 Ringwood Ave. D. Post, repair sewer line, $n/a

1220 Hamilton Court AMB Property, accessible exit ramp, $72,000

326 O'Connor St. J. Shinn, kitchen remodel, $50,000

2475 Sharon Oaks Drive S. Sells, remodel two bathrooms upstairs, $n/a

915 Hobart St. P. Robinson, new detached garage on a single-family lot, $70,000

Palo Alto

2334 Santa Ana St. T. Doran and J. Zhu, additions and alterations to existing residence, $83,000

3174 Porter Drive Robert Wheatley Properties, full floor single tenant improvements, $n/a

365 Lincoln Ave. T. Layton, new garage, $35,000

180 El Camino Real #79 replace rooftop A/C unit, $13,000

100 El Camino Real City of Palo Alto, water distribution pump station, $750,000

1600 Bryant St. M. Feinstein, addition of family room and remodel kitchen and master bath, $150,000

180 El Camino Real McDonald's USA, interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

180 El Camino Real #37 Stanford Management Co., tenant improvements for LaBelle Day Spas, $65,000

180 El Camino Real #400 Neiman-Marcus, interior soft demolition, $20,000

2086 Williams St. B. Tsao, add gas line, $n/a

849 Northampton, new single-family home with garage, $625,000

465 San Antonio Road T. Fang, add master suite and enlarge existing master, living room and one bedroom, $185,000

211 Quarry Road Stanford Hospital and Clinics, interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

2775 Middlefield Road T. Foy, commercial tenant improvements, $90,000

180 El Camino Real #150 Kiehl's, tenant improvement, $120,000

3000 Hanover St. HP/Stanford, parking lot, retaining wall and lighting, $2,500,000

2361 Bryant St. L. Lee, second-story addition, $110,000

223 Margarita Ave. S. Niksa, residential addition and remodel, $96,212

3120 Hansen Way Varian Medical Systems, building temporary break room, $195,000

740 Addison Ave. A. Comsa, new detached garage, $11,000; new house, $525,000

423 Oxford Ave. M. Goranova, addition and remodel, $18,000

620 Loma Verde Ave. E. Chan, bedroom addition and garage modification, $70,000; garage addition/remodel, $20,000

180 El Camino Real #359 Stanford, interior non-structural (minor) tenant improvements/remodel, $40,000

901 California Ave. Merck, upgrades to emergency generator and electrical system, $375,000

1451 Greenwood Ave. M. Wahab, window and sliding door replacements, $7,125

785 Northampton Drive C. Wang, new detached garage, $26,000

528 High St. City of Palo Alto, install new car charger, $n/a

211 Quarry Road Board of Trustees at Leland Stanford Jr. University, existing building renovations, $n/a

339 Seale Ave. L. Vasudevan, minor bathroom upgrades, $3,000

800 High St. R. Mahajan, bathroom remodel, $2,200

365 Lincoln Ave. T. Layton, new construction of second dwelling unit, $165,000

771 Encina Drive M. Martin, one-story home addition, $50,000

535 Patricia J. Ferraioio and K. Kang, master bedroom and bathroom remodels, $33,000

1791 Arastradero Road Palo Alto University, cubicle upgrades, $180,000

1717 Middlefield Road S. Felt, non-structural bathroom upgrades, $15,000

379 Lytton Ave. Lytton Campbell Assoc. LLC, tenant improvements, $1,370,470

380 Colorado Ave. K. Zhao, new two-story single-family residence with attached garage, $400,000

2412 South Court M. and L. Levy, new detached garage, additions, and remodeling, $121,945

2979 Alexis Drive R. and R. Agrawal, new entry gates and electrical, $20,000

969 Lincoln Ave. B. and G. Walters, remodeling and additions, $112,699

4075 Orme St. S. Lawrence, new one-story residence with garage and patio, $1,537,823

900 Arastradero Road Stanford Real Estate, replacement of window system, $2,000,000

218 Middlefield Road T. Lindholm, siding repair, $3,800

2366 Ramona St. W. Ames, install siding to back of house, $4,400

405 Lincoln Ave. M. Arden and A. Akin, new two-story house, $1,640,000

642 Ramona Ave. G. Tahir, skylight alteration, $1,600