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Real Estate - September 16, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

133 Spruce Ave. J. Miller, install circuit for car charger on exterior wall of the home next to the main, $1,389

264 Hedge Road, J. Reiter, photovoltaic solar system, $25,969

445 Cotton St. J. Moeller, demolition of entire house, $5,000

1260 San Mateo Drive K. Nilsson, upgrade electrical service panel, $n/a

1555 Adams Drive Menlo Business Park LLC, remove one T-Mobile equipment cabinet in same location within an indoor equipment room, $7,000

322 Laurel Ave. J. Doyle, electrical service upgrade, $2,694

14 Network Circle Wilson Menlo Park Campus, revise building emergency exiting, $n/a

12 Network Circle Wilson Menlo Park Campus, revise building emergency exiting, $2,000

1340 Willow Road Mid Pen Education Center, landscaping and entry gate, $11,000

250 Princeton Road R. Sexton, re-roof over bedroom and laundry room and install gravel roof system, $3,500

194 Felton Drive C. Hawkins, modify exercise room to include new bathroom and laundry room, $36,500

1360 Willow Road Willow Park Holding Co LLC, seismic retrofit, $50,000

1350 Willow Road Willow Park Holding Co LLC, seismic retrofit, $50,000

239 Elliott Drive M. Nathenson, re-roof, $9,931

868 Creek Drive J. Carisle, single-family residential addition, $30,000

312 Concord Drive D. Digirolamo, kitchen remodel, $12,500

2307 Olympic Ave. B. Colbert, solar photovoltaic solar system, $n/a

1130 Hidden Oaks Drive F. Fischer, re-plaster swimming pool and spilt drain, $n/a

277 Willow Road N. Swartzberg, single-story addition including an interior remodel, $107,000

1601 Willow Road Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, install temporary tent for outdoor dining while the café is being remodeled, $10,000

1010 Noel Drive California Properties, re-roof apartment building and install weathered wood landmark comp shingle, $113,000

Palo Alto

852 Ames Ave. B. Jaffey, kitchen remodel and install new furnace, $20,000

3781 Starr King Circle R. Vallone, repair fire damage, $18,000

839 Melville Ave. S. Mason and T. Cohen, partial basement under existing house, $248,000

580 Newell Road J. Fua, bathroom remodel, $12,800

4173 Georgia Ave. K. and R. Steinman, kitchen and bathroom remodels and other improvements, $148,000

4085 Laguna Way Mamone/Smith, new studio, $46,600; bath house, $19,500

2928 Clara Drive A. Yap, rear patio cover conversion, $30,000

1730 Middlefield Road Gargiolo, expand existing bathroom, $12,000

557 E. Crescent Drive M. Heilsing, bathroom, kitchen and electrical improvements and others, $24,000

401 Ferne Ave. M. Austern and J. Lafler, kitchen and two-bathroom remodel, $65,000

177 Everett Ave. S. Lee, window replacements, $4,900

760 Northampton Drive Schwenk-Hardero, remodel garage and bath, new windows and electrical work, $20,950