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Real Estate - September 9, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

525 El Camino Real MEC Menlo LLC, alteration to pharmacy, $100,000

1 Campo Bello Lane K. Wu, pool remodel, $15,000

304 Sherwood Way E. Kulakoff, upgrade electrical panel, $n/a

1530 San Antonio St. H. Chew, install dryer/washer combo, $750

1204 N. Lemon Ave. Papara & Clemendor, single-story addition to family residence, $395,000

324 Arden Road J. Randall, alter three baths/laundry room, $300,000

36 Willow Road D. Thomas, re-roof, $22,566

17 Shasta Lane R. Bradley, remove window and frame, $3,418

1701 Stone Pine Lane S. Evenson, electrical service change out, $1,800

17 Network Circle Facebook, interior demolition, $225,000

16 Network Circle Wilson Menlo Park Campus, interior demolition, $225,000

2480 Sand Hill Road Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, $60,000

1040 Whitney Drive T. Chang, furnace and AC unit change out and water heater, $16,000

1009 Windemere Ave. K. Nitin, single-family residential garage alteration,

1280 Garden Lane S. Johnston, photovoltaic solar system, $16,000

1901 Oakdell Drive D. Moore, first-floor addition of 770 feet, second-story addition of 1,280 feet, including relocation of two garage and main entry to house, $410,000

450 Sand Hill Circle Rossi Trust, replace one sliding glass door, $2,392

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, commercial alteration to first floor, $124,692

2280 Tioga Drive J. Cohen, remove/replace main electrical panel and sub-panel, $5,000

1014 Hobart St. P. Pavey, re-roof garage, $5,950

2770 Sand Hill Road Monte Rosa Land Company, alteration to plaza in front of entry way to lobby, $413,500

459 Claremont Way F. Rosch, single-story addition and remodel to single-family residence, $600,000

611 Santa Cruz Ave. Santa Cruz Ave. LLC, voluntary seismic upgrade, $35,000

1170 Santa Cruz Ave. V. Oros, new 6-foot wall with gate, $15,000

959 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, commercial demolition of old rooms to create a new conference room, $103,000

1244 Sharon Park Drive P. Ciano, replace furnace and new outdoor condensing unit, $9,800

750 Lemon St. M. Martella, re-roof, $22,740

1120 Hobart St. N. O'Connor, remove swimming pool and concrete deck, $9,500

555 Hamilton Ave. J. Jimenez, switch out electrical car charger, $1,451

409 Pope N. King, add kitchen, three bathrooms, laundry room, eight windows, two doors and skylight, $80,000

2365 Sharon Oaks Drive C. Leigh, kitchen remodel, $20,000

1340 Trinity Drive C. Schreuder, interior remodel, $75,000

1340 Arbor Road M. Linse, pool demolition, $9,000

262 Princeton Road M. Brashear, clean out and repair sewer line, $3,809

873 Santa Cruz Ave. Rehault and Handley Oakmead, commercial tenant improvement, $50,000

410 Central H. Van Der Meer, relocate kitchen, living room, dining room, master suite and front bedroom, $90,000

1388 Carlton Ave. J. Garnica, gas line repair

1030 O'Brien Drive W. Burke, commercial re-roof, $51,467

701 Laurel St. City of Menlo Park, new pump, conduit and wiring for outdoor fountain next to pond, city project, $n/a

130 Sand Hill Circle San Hill Circle HOA, remove old roof and install plywood and shingles, $41,400

140 Sand Hill Circle Sand Hill Circle HOA, remove old roof and install plywood and shingles, $53,960

1968 Menalto Ave. L. Lee, kitchen remodel, add two windows and electrical work, $20,000

485 Cotton St. R. Robinett, interior remodel and install three skylights, $12,000

120 Sand Hill Circle Sand Hill Circle HOA, remove old roof and install plywood and shingles, $31,080

110 San Hill Circle Sand Hill Circle HOA, remove old roof and install plywood and shingles, $30,340

607 Laurel Ave. B. McPhail, kitchen remodel and replace appliances, floors and cabinets, $30,000

1317 Carlton Ave. J. Ingram, re-roof, $4,387

935 Florence Lane D. Ehrman, replace water heater, $505

303 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp., install three hoods, bench top hood and new exhaust fans on roof, $45,000

36 Willow Road T. Donald, pool remodel with attached water feature, $30,000

151 Forest Lane J. Forter, bathroom remodel, $7,000

911 Laurel Ave. I. Hornstein, re-roof house, $8,925; re-roof detached garaged, $2,975

3 Siskiyou Place W. Cain, remove and replace termite-damaged deck and railings, $6,000

21 Willow Road #41 J. Spillane, install stackable washer and dryer in closet with a new pre-hung door, $3,200

360 Olive St. D. Roeder, photovoltaic solar system, $30,000

1399 Middle Ave. T-Mobile, installation of electrical meter, $3,000

523 Bay Road T-Mobile, installation of electrical meter, $3,000

2 Lassen Court S. Amir, add a sink in laundry room and powder room remodel, $900

18 Network Circle Wilson Menlo Park Campus LLC, commercial tenant improvement, $6,000,000

274 Princeton Road S. Pintz, remove and replace exterior concrete patio/landing/steps and retaining wall, $n/a

180 Garland Drive A. Levin, re-roof, $12,800

327 Grayson Court J. Riley, single-story addition, $96,000

17 Shasta Lane R. Bradley, new deck, $2,000

926 Siskiyou Drive P. Wineman, 258-sq.-ft. addition to a single-family residence including an interior remodel, $300,000

1104 Pine St. S. Murphy, sewer replacement, $3,479

1080 Klamath Drive M. Modjtehedi, installation of exterior stairs between the 1st- and 2nd-floor balcony, $1,000

3000 Sand Hill Road Sharon Land Company, new commercial kitchen exhaust hood, $10,000

6 Coleman Place #4 J. Pollack, kitchen remodel, $7,500

409 Pope St. N. King, re-roof accessory building, $4,000

1115 Del Norte Ave. A. Tinajero, re-roof house, $6,000

1335 Garden Lane P. King, roof-mounted with PV system, $37,101

1377 El Camino Real C. Keenan, commercial interior offices modifications, $45,000

320 Middlefield Road Roman Catholic Seminary, supply and install two furnaces and replace two condensers, $77,500

311 Concord Drive A. Fless, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $20,000

1215 El Camino Real P. Ciardella, photovoltaic solar system, $50,000

307 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp., new blower on roof top, $20,000

531 Pierce Road C. Cummings, gas line test, $500

1035 Pine St. Trinity Church, swap out furnace for high-energy-efficiency furnace, $4,200

1066 Sonoma Ave. A. Jennings, water heater, $1,122

1036 Sonoma Ave. D. Chaiken, install car charger and circuit, $3,195

165 University Ave. B. Townshend, install charger and circuit from subpanel to exterior wall of garage, $1,308

Palo Alto

3291 Alma St. K. Young, gas line repair, $n/a

735 Homer Ave. K. Kelty, added solar panels, $30,000

210 Emerson St. O. Sherby, fire damage repair, $n/a

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett Packard, non-structural demolition, $55,000

3623 Evergreen Drive M. and C. Flynn, new deck, $22,900

3836 Dixon Place K. Doshi, kitchen renovations, $24,741

4361 Silva Ave. S. Agarwal, replace existing windows and door with sliding window, $3,500

2890 Middlefield Road Keys School, replace playground equipment and surfacing, $39,000

857 Robb Road demolish old structure and build new residence, $950,000

555 Byron N. Vidalakis, demolish and replace internal fixtures and plumbing and electrical work, $300,000

729 Florales Drive E. and N. Bonnet, residential addition and remodel, $370,000

524 Hamilton Ave. S. Reller, construct commercial and residential building, $1,716,750

3657 South Court J. Salmon, bathroom remodel, $5,000

180 El Camino Real Simon Property Group, interior demolition, $n/a; remodel existing retail space, $273,000

1849 Newell Road D. Lewiston, replace sewer pipe, $n/a

180 El Camino Real Microsoft, non-structural demolition, $n/a; shell and core improvements, $200,000

2434 Park Blvd. D. Sanders, new tenant remodel, $100,000

177 Everett Ave. S. Lee, electric service upgrade, $103

795 El Camino Real Palo Alto Medical Foundation, equipment replacement, $33,809

870 Guinda St. S. and R. Potter, renovate kitchen, add bath, rewire electrical, new heating system, new tankless water heater, new staircase enclosure, $82,000

3350 W. Bayshore Road Alexandria Real Estate Inquiries, Inc., demolish interior tenant space, $n/a

3089 Higgins Place Y. Tang, addition, $80,365

600 Hansen Way Equity Office Properties, general tenant improvements, $266,910

900 Hansen Way Nest Labs, tenant improvements, $75,000

820 E. Greenwich Place S. Ramrakhiani, new garden shed with half bath, $6,000

1080 Tanland Drive Prometheus Real Estate, remove bearing wall, $4,000

285 San Antonio Ave. A. Shroff, add master bed and bath, $120,000

305 Churchill Ave. W. Campbell, add fireplace and patio, $20,000

890 Marshall J. and D. Nelson-Gal, bathroom remodel, $12,500

656 Georgia Ave. B. Adini, interior remodeling, $90,000

2918 Kipling St. D. Chou, extensive interior remodeling, $135,151

285 Hamilton Ave. Thoits Brothers, interior tenant improvements, $74,375

740 Florales Ave. T. Ji, install skylights, $2,800

329 Lincoln S. and N. Hawkins, gas-line replacement and new gas stove, $n/a

900 Arastradero Road VMWare, new tenant improvements, $15,940,000

2165 Waverley St. D. and K. Rivette, new porch, entryway and partial roof, $14,044

261 Colorado A. and G. Chen, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $60,000

3919 Bibbits Drive R. Hyde and J. Bogart, kitchen remodel, $25,469

1563 El Camino Real N. Solvason, post-fire remodeling, $116,547; post-fire remodeling, $11,421

3836 Dixon Place K. Doshi, closet addition, $6,000

100 Hamilton Ave. ECI Hamilton LLC, two added private offices, $15,000

301-315 University Ave. J. Twaddell and Wells Fargo, exterior wall repair, $24,000

4015 Miranda Ave. enlarge existing office, $8,000

395 Page Mill Road Whismen Ventures LLC, interior tenant improvements, $55,000

1121 Fife Ave. K. and T. Carey, replace shower tile, $5,000

2471 Bryant St. C. and H. Rudolf, addition, kitchen remodel, and roof improvements, $145,000

271 Curtner Ave. Dalton Realty, apartment complex repairs, $30,000

489 Martinsen Court N. Behrens, remove chimney and fireplace and restore wall, $8,000

1745 Eisenhower St. T. Bullock, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, $2,500

3040 South Court bathroom remodel, $7,500

3337 Vernon Terrace H. Huang, interior remodeling and additions, $80,500

630 Ramona St. K6-Bryant LLC, interior tenant improvements, $760,000

660 High St. Vecchiou Family Trust, new furring wall, $40,000

327 Curtner Ave. G. Ong, apartment improvements to three units, $24,000

3146 Avalon Court F. Yang and R. Chang, demolish house and replace with new house, $380,000

851 Homer Ave. S. Tong, kitchen remodel and window replacement, $40,000

217 High St. R. Elliott and R. Thomas, kitchen remodel and other improvements, $11,500

3251 Hanover St. #204 Lockheed Martin, install new reactor equipment and modify existing, $30,000

3045 Cowper St. First Church of Christ Scientist, existing tenant improvements, $n/a

228 La Para Ave. J. Kiger, demolish pool, $n/a

907 Cowper St. B. K. Hu, deck leak repair, $7,000

342 El Carmelo Ave. C. Ho, reconstruct part of existing roof, $7,000

965 Colorado Ave. J. Nakata and C. Fischer, bathroom remodel, $8,000

2501 Embarcadero Way City of Palo Alto, PV system (solar panels), $n/a


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