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Real Estate - August 12, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

316 Yale Road T. Richard, garage and cabana addition, $n/a; second-story addition and interior model, $250,000

73 Princeton Road R. Stewart, remove and install new roof, $32,721

4040 Campbell Ave. D. Campbell, commercial alteration, $56, 360

32 Mansion Court P. Lynn, remodel kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms, $125,000

1080 Marsh Road Bohannon Associates, add ADA parking, $10,000; remodel office spaces, $120,000

2250 Eastridge Ave. T. Sasan, re-roof, $12,852

1205 Trinity Drive M. Pade, second-story addition, $150,000

1225 Bay Laurel Drive Devell LLC, build two-story residence with basement, $1,200,000

916 Harmon Drive M. Uan, re-roof, $7,000

1530 O'Brien Drive Menlo LLC, replace damaged power pedestal, $6,000

1460 O'Brien Drive O'Brien Assoc, interior commercial demolition, $35,000

477 Waverly St. Heritage LLC, re-pipe water lines and replace furnace, $n/a

958 Oak Lane Italian Family Club, replace leak at gas line, $4,500

147 Seminary Drive H. Gregory, kitchen remodel, $45,000

657 Oak Grove Ave. M. Robert, commercial tenant improvement for retail space, $50,000

2225 Sharon Road Oyster MR, re-roof carport in back of property, $5,802

873 Middle Ave. S. Fong, sewer line replacement, $3,000

580 Cotton St. S. David, temp power pole, $300

888 Oak Grove Ave. S. Kourosh, remodel dental office, $90,000

1145 Saxon Way D. Kopf, re-roof, $8,500

Palo Alto

424 Webster St. L. Farwell, bathroom remodel, $10,000

360 Everett St. D. Levy, kitchen remodel and closet removal, $70,000

379 Lytton Ave. Lytton Campbell Assoc. LLC, accessibility upgrade, $37,500

952 Commercial St. D. Crothers, exterior and interior improvements, $38,000

4264 Wilkie Way T. Anger, kitchen remodel and other improvements, $38,000

544 Everett Ave. N. Prince, bathroom remodel, $10,000

3120 Alexis Drive D. Wang, new retaining wall, $50,000; new detatched garage and study, $166,108; new two-story residence, $1,415,522

395 Page Mill Road Wisman Ventures LLC, interior tenant improvements, $325,000

4071 2nd St. B. King, additions and remodeling, $32,000

1511 Madrono Ave. T. Hoffman, balcony repair and garage door installation, $17,000

3166 Bryant M. Levitan, repair sewer line, $n/a

928 Addison Ave. KPCP Partners, new two-story residence, $690,000; new detached garage, $12,000

920 Addison Ave. KPCP Partners, new two-story residence, $690,000; new detached garage, $12,000; temporary power, $n/a

3414 Kenneth Drive V. Raman, pool removal, $n/a

3858 Magnolia Drive J. Lynn, expansion and remodel, $250,000

665 Newell Road J. and S. Wong, additions and alterations to existing home, $325,000

205 University Ave. illuminated "Subway" sign, $n/a; interior tenant improvements, $85,000

165 Parkside Drive N. Ting, replace doors and windows and install gas fireplace, $15,000

1025 University Ave. A. and H. Frahn, interior remodel, $156,570

2051 Emerson St. S. Tuiaki, interior restoration, $64,000

975 S. California Ave. SFF Realty Fund, non-architectural interior demolition, $n/a

180 El Camino Real Stanford Board of Trustees, retail tenant improvement, $1,200,000

753 Encina Grande Drive McClelland, kitchen remodel, $32,000

947 Industrial Ave. P. Moffat, seismic upgrade and roof repair, $116,000

429 University Ave. A. Chen, tenant improvements, $30,000

880 Center Drive C. Mathieu, interior remodeling, $45,000

3303 Hillview Ave. Tibco Software, interior/rooftop mechanical equipment replacement, $484,500; exterior generator replacement and enclosure upgrade, $484,500

2047 E. Bayshore Road SSC Property Holdings, facility modifications, $15,000

2154 St. Francis U. Khaishgi, interior and exterior improvements, $14,000

3069 Middlefield Road S. Uijayendra, roof and deck repair, $3,000

1801 Page Mill Road interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

936 Addison Ave. Tomlinson, fireplace remodel, $n/a

877 Lincoln Ave. Blake, pool installation, $33,000

520 Channing R. Hansen, exterior improvements, $14,000

1117 S. California Ave. Bingham McCutchen LLP, tenant improvements, $1,594,208

1801 Page Mill Road Kenyon & Kenyon, office renovations, $752,520

344 Leland Ave. C. and J. Lorance, bathroom remodels, $18,850

410 Sheridan Ave. P. Glasner, interior improvements and repair, $18,090

544 Tennyson Ave. K. Johnson and B. Nelson, interior remodels and additions, $225,000

3208 Alexis Drive Arastradero LLC, new retaining wall and tennis court, $900,000

841 Garland Drive S. Srinivasachari, one-story addition and small remodel, $146,941

3055 Higgins Place E. Cao and F. Yin, addition and garage demolition, $101,000

2058 Sandalwood Court O. Dobronski, kitchen and powder room remodel, $35,000

2771 South Court J. and K. Mostofizadeh, remodel and second floor addition, $435,000

1125 Oregon Ave. K. Chin, addition and expansion, $78,748

775 Talisman Court L. Chiu, exterior improvements, $6,000

1822 Hamilton Ave. S. and J. Mitra, kitchen and bathroom remodel, $70,000


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