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News - July 22, 2011

City View

A round-up of Palo Alto government action this week

City Council (July 18)

Arbitration: The council voted to place the repeal of the City Charter's binding-arbitration provision on the November ballot. Yes: Burt, Holman, Scharff, Schmid, Yeh No: Espinosa, Klein, Price, Shepherd

Housing: The council discussed the latest Association of Bay Area Governments housing projections. Action: None

Council Finance Committee (July 19)

Garbage: The committee recommended adding a $4.62 fee to residential trash bills effective Oct. 1. Yes: Unanimous

Board of Education (July 20)

Facilities: The board approved contracts for construction of a new gymnasium at Gunn High School and the installation of six portable classrooms at Jordan Middle School. Yes: Unanimous

Utilities Advisory Commission (July 20)

Gas supply: The commission recommended continuing the current policy of keeping gas rates flat for a year and changing rates only once a year. The commission also specified that supply rates should change by no more than 20 percent in any one year. Yes: Berry, Eglash, Foster, Keller, Melton, Waldfogel Absent: Cook

Calaveras: The commission recommended using all funds in the Calaveras Reserve for electricity projects and rejected a staff proposal to split the reserve and to use some of the funds to reimburse ratepayers. The commission also recommended establishing guidelines to determine which projects should be funded by the reserve. Yes: Berry, Eglash, Foster, Keller, Melton, Waldfogel Absent: Cook

Officers: The commission elected Jonathan Foster as its chair and William Berry as its vice chair. Yes: Berry, Eglash, Foster, Keller, Melton, Waldfogel Absent: Cook

Human Relations Commission (July 20)

Updates: The commission heard updates on Project Safety Net and on Youth Recognition and discussed its upcoming retreat with the City Council. Action: None

Council Rail Committee (July 21)

Caltrain: The committee discussed Caltrain's planned electrification and considered the city's position on the project. The committee recommended questions for Caltrain to consider, including whether the federal and state laws mandating environmental analysis for the project override each other. Yes: Unanimous

Architectural Review Board (July 21)

2875 El Camino Real: The board reviewed 2875 El Camino Real, a proposal by Ken Hayes of Hayes Group Architects for a new 3,250-square-foot, one-story retail and office building. The board voted to continue the project to a later date because the noticing period for the environmental analysis has not concluded. Yes: Unanimous


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