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Real Estate - June 10, 2011


Palo Alto

1501 Page Mill Road Bldg. 1AL. Hewlett Packard, prepare existing room for new workbenches, outlets and inert gases, $85,000

555 Bryant St., #210 A. Langendorf, repair broken master bath, $28,000

420 Cowper John Plank Construction, demolition permit, $n/a

890 Clara Drive A. Lee, need temporary pole, $n/a

3962 Nelson Court D. Fortune, replace slate and hardwood floor, drywall-repair, painting and minor electrical repairs, $53,312

1958 Ivy Lane J. Hayes & G. Cunnington, remodel kitchen with new cabinets, counters and appliance circuits, $18,000

3124 Morris Drive Boehmer/Hossua, change front overhang and change fireplace to gas insert, $9,750

180 El Camino Real (Stanford Shopping Center) Board of Trustees to Leland Stanford Jr. University, interior non-structural demolition, $62,000

1011 Channing Ave. J. Appleby, replace existing windows with one window, install lighting in bedroom, $5,000

236 Churchill Ave. P. Ison, remodel kitchen, bath, master bath and second-floor bath, $125,000

1120 Middlefield Road C. Liu, temporary power porter potty, $n/a

1083 Moffet Circle A. Ratkouio, replace electric cook top with gas cook top, $n/a

646 Fairmede Ave. M. Maurier, install pool circuit for pool and spa, $n/a

1841 Page Mill Road Lionstone, removal of ceilings and non-structural partitions, $n/a

795 Seale Ave. D. Ketchum, retrofit and add windows, insulate exterior walls, $10,000

2300 Hillview Ave. Theranos Inc., tenant improvement to kitchen, add dishwasher and sink, $6,500

545 N. California Ave. R. & M. Donahue, remodel kitchen and bath, $n/a

2410 Ramona St. S. & S. Kim, replace copper pipes in kitchen and bathroom, retile bathtub wall and redo house wiring, $n/a

1163 Lincoln Ave. M. Sumner & T. Beetz, replace water heater with tankless water heater, convert wood burning fireplace to gas fireplace, $15,000

1125 Hamilton Ave. C. Munch & W. Taylor, replace windows and French door, modify kitchen cabinet for replacement wall oven, replace bath toilet, shower, $50,000

395 Page Mill Road D. Hunter, interior tenant improvement, $n/a

38 Erstwild Court L. Emory, remove brick fireplace, reframe for new fireplace and add dedicated gas line and electrical supply, $19,000

1083 Moffet Circle A. Ratkovic, remodel kitchen, $n/a

425 Grant Ave. J. Koepnick, interior remodel of kitchen and two baths, $50,000

708 Encina Grande Drive Karl Komerth, replace upper private sanitary sewer to front of house, $n/a

1280 Hamilton Drive R. Jones & C. Rivlin, remove fireplace and replace with gas fireplace in new location, $20,000

768 Montrose Ave. S. Parak & S. Ansari, remodel garage and add closes storage and laundry area, $15,150

3500 Deer Creek Road Stanford University, new air compressor, $70,000

101 Alma St. N. & J. Larson, replace windows, $49,550

1860 Newell Road Baumgartner, remodel guest bath, $15,000

4033 Campana Drive M. Drews, remodel bathroom, $12,000

3500 Deer Creek Road Stanford University, new reverse osmosis water system, $135,000

575 Middlefield Road M. & F. Ling, replacement and strengthening of water beams, $20,000

2150 Hanover St. J. Simitian, replace two windows, $4,000

562 Pena Court C. Kim, remove walls between foyer and family and dining rooms, $16,000

3000 El Camino Real Equity Office, build wall to create new office, $6,300

4190 El Camino Real A.Simms, remove existing ingrown lift, $7,000

313 Ferne Ave. B. Xia, relocate furnace to attic, $5,550

440 Hale St. A. Citoen, remodel bathroom, $17,000

2743 Waverley St. T. Goorich, pool demo, $n/a

3838 Mumford Place A. Bhushan, install tub in shower stall, $1,250

Menlo Park

1005 Hamilton Court Willow Park Holdings, parking lot upgrade, $17,000

305 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics, replace roof AC, $260,000

4 Robert Drive D. Wagstaffe, addition to 1st and 2nd floor, $273,455

260 Encinal Ave. T-Mobile, electrical service upgrade, $22,000

550 Grave Drive W. Bettinger, in ground spa, $25,500

1005 Hamilton Court Willow Park Holdings, install equipment, $100,000

10 Wood Lane G. Malquist, bathroom remodel, $25,000

651 Coleman Ave. D. Zavin, electrical work, $1,500

959 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property, commercial alteration, $56,000

970 Altschul Ave. D. Liang, swimming pool, $8,000

915 Christopher Way T. Norman, replace doors, $5,043

421 Laurel Ave. M. Jacob, replace under floor drains, $8,286

414 Claremont Way S. Frewing, residential kitchen remodel, $29,654

25 Campo Bello Court S. Vaswani, furnace replacement, $2,525

250 Princeton Road R. Sexton, replace floor heater, $N/A

970 Altschul Ave. D. Liang, addition and new observatory, $320,000

1015 Windsor Drive FSW Developments, outdoor fire pit, $1,500

600 Cotton St. W. Park, additions to house, $700,000

600 Cotton St. W. Park, detached accessory building addition, $0

1760 Holly Ave. J. Vetter, reroof, $27,350

1263 Willow Road A, B, C, D, Menlo Gateway, replace heater and bathroom remodel, $N/A

125 Spruce Ave. M. Clarke, reroof, $12,000

1140 Saxon Way, D. Savard, reroof, $19,700

888 Willow Road N/A, improvement for new yogurt store, $65,000

346 Felton Drive J. Boettcher, reroof, $41,632

307 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics, electric work, $1,800

1015 Monte Rosa Drive X. Lee, demolish house, $14,000

20 Sunrise Court N. Handel, inspect circuits, $N/A

854 Fremont St. R. Nitrio, sewerline replacement, $3,400

600 Alma St. City of Menlo Park, install temporary tent, $170,000

1148 Windsor Way E. Weintz, add exterior gas outlet, $600

1335 Garden Lane K. Pang, tankless water heater, $N/A

320 Hedge Road C. Lee, reroof, $15,481

1120 Madera Ave. V. Robledo, relocate furnace, $10,500

316 Durham St. C. Andrews, kitchen remodel, $2,500

719 Hermosa Way D. Fisher, new single-family residence with attached garage, $1,250,000; new garden shed, $n/a

171 Constitution Drive Nona Development Co, commercial tenant improvement, $280,000

318 Oakwood Place C. Burciaga, repair gas pipe, $2,000

1382 Hollyburne Ave. City of Menlo Park, add 336 sf, raise entire house to meet flood zone requirements, $100,000

515 El Camino Real 120 Mec Menlo LLC, install sign, $3,900

766 Partridge Ave. E. Martin, repair gas line, $1,200

1310 Trinity Drive J. Cindrich, remodel kitchen, $50,000

837 Roble Ave. J. Lyon, replace water heater, $2,500

1319 University Drive C. Murphy, replace sewer line, $6,500

1125 Hillview Drive S. Kirkman, electrical service upgrade, $1,900

800 Middle Ave. City of Menlo Park, relocate reception desk, $10,000

1265 San Mateo Drive D. Goldberg, new two-story house with basement, $4,700,000

325 Sharon Park Drive Great Clips, commercial tenant improvement, $29,500


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