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Real Estate - May 20, 2011

Building permits

Palo Alto

4190 El Camino Real A. Simms, renovation, tenant improvement to Building #1, $650,000; to Bldg. #2, $770,000

3460 W. Bayshore Road Sobrato Development Co., relocate light fixtures, modify millwork to be ADA compliant, $219,790

2501 Park Blvd. Park Blvd. Investment, LLC, new lighting and stairway, hand railing, $99,000

102 University Ave., Ste. 1A Circle Palo Alto LLC, tenant improvement for general illumination, HVAC, bathrooms, ADA drinking fountain, kitchenette, conference room, $120,000

900 Blake Wilbur Bldg. Stanford Hospital & Clinics, demo for remodel of women's cancer center, $n/a

842 Marshall Drive B. Wilner, remove bathtub, add shower pan, $3,200

1090 Tanland Drive Unit 106, 206 Park Village Peninsula LLC, remodel bathroom, convert laundry room to bedroom, $30,000 each

797 Mayview Ave. P.Heidenreich & T. Lee, alternative methods and materials request for roof, $n/a

323 Santa Rita Ave. B. Jones, new terrace and conservatory, $50,000

3014 Ramona R. Gordon, bathroom change-out, $13,000

3870 El Camino Real J. Mathew, remodel liquor store, including accessibility, $75,000

410 Sherman P.Coyne, exterior remodel, $8,000

770 Welch Road, 1st floor Stanford Hospital & Clinics, remodel portico to a conference room, $56,000

159 Walter Hays L. Haag, remodel kitchen, new windows, remodel bathroom, bedroom, $65,000

110 Greenmeadow Way M. Ridgeway, attic insulation, solar attic fan, $1,900

70 Crescent Drive K. Sullivan, replace four windows, 10,000

3705 Park Blvd. K. Ranganathan, M. Roy, rebuild and expand garage, demolish carport, $11,348

129 Lundy Lane K. Ouk, remodel kitchen, convert hallway and closet into bathroom, $24,000

410 Sherman Ave. P. Coyne, replace two doors, add two windows, $8,000

1219 Pitman Ave. K. Goldin, replace bathroom, $13,00

4261 El Camino Real J. Handley, replace HVAC equipment with smaller, more efficient fan coils, $400,000

880 Forest Ave. K. Toney & K. Washington, remodel kitchen, $18,000

250 Leland Ave. K. Jansen, remodel master bathroom, $21,000

1219 Pitman Ave. K. Goldin, replace bathroom, $13,000

522 Jackson Drive V. Shemrov, replace kitchen window, $800

3500 Deer Creek Stanford University (for Tesla), install fog chamber, $38,000; additional electrical panel and compressed air, $n/a; building 26U, remove mezzanine, structural reinforcement, $175,000; install new equipment, $300,000; install variable frequency drive in mechanical room, $70,000; install equipment, $175,000; mechanical upgrade, $280,000

1090 Tanland Drive Park Village Peninsula LLC, remodel bathroom, convert laundry room to bedroom, $30,000;

251 Churchill S. Akkaraju, construct single-story garage, $21,000

110 Greenmeadow Way M. Ridgeway, attic insulation, solar attic fan, $1,900

70 Crescent Drive K. Sullivan, replace four windows, $10,000

144 Melville Ave. D. Mitz trust, new concrete stairs to basement, remove gas fireplace, replace doors, windows, $90,000

2002 Columbia St. G. Fine & M. Piquet, replace windows, replace fixtures in bathroom, new roof, $45,000

383 Ferne Ave. P. Robinson, remodel bathroom, update kitchen, tankless water heater, $50,000

959 Loma Verde E. Prentice, replace kitchen cabinets, $13,800

2434 Park Blvd. D. Sanders, demo stud walls, $n/a

407 Cambridge Ave. E. Singer, replace sinks, electrical work, $12,000

609 Greer Road A. Stoscher & C. Koch-Stoscher, add 316 sq ft, remodel kitchen, $72,000

2205 Waverley St. B. Swenson, install two skylights, bay window, lighting, vent fan, $n/a

754 San Carlos Court Taratorim & Kraupnova, construct pool, spa, $52,800

3433 Janice Way R. Goldbeck, remodel kitchen, $18,000

851 Homer Ave. S. Tong, remodel bathroom, $30,000

317 Leland Ave. J. Koltnow & R. Applebaum, add master suite, new water heater, replace entry porch and columns, $92,013

159 Walter Hays L. Haag, remodel kitchen, new tiles in bathroom, new bedroom wall, $65,000

3217 Greer Road new bath, powder room, laundry room, entry, attached carport, $72,716

525 University Ave. Suite 200 P.A.B.C. LLC, office tenant improvement, $312,000; Suite 230, $112,000

2970 South Court D. Pasita, remodel guest bathroom, $14,000

87 Encina Ave. Palo Alto Medical Foundation, tenant improvements, $70,000

1112 High St. S. Reller, new garage, $24,000; demo, build new house, $400,000

345 Lincoln Ave. C. Foss, new skylight, $1,000

2211 High St. M. Choi, L. Wong, remodel interior, $250,000

706 Ellsworth Place DGB Investments, new house, $345,281

820 East Greenwich Place S. Ramrakhiani, detached one-car garage, $15,478; new two-story residence, $640,164

1501 Page Mill Road HP/Stanford Land, new courtyard paving, planting, irrigation, skylights, benches, gates, plumbing, electrical, $1,500,000

3591 Lupine Ave. A. Wong, install skylight, $1,031

432 Margarita Ave. S. P. Yang, remodel house, $225,000

3910 Duncan Place Parikh, enclose patio, $30,000

575 High St. 575 High St. LLC, add small conference room, lighting, hvac, $54,111

2400 Geng Road #150 Equity Office Properties, commercial tenant improvement for Health Hero Network, $38,307

680 Georgia Ave. L. Mohan, master suite, bonus room, den, nook, pantry, laundry, $250,000