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Real Estate - May 13, 2011

Seven steps to Bay friendliness

Back in 2008, the City of Palo Alto formally pledged to support the "7 Principles of Bay Friendly Landscaping & Gardening," which include:

1) Landscape locally — using sustainable practices;

2) Landscape for less to the landfill — compost and mulch, and choose non-invasive plants;

3) Nurture the soil — help the soil food web to thrive;

4) Conserve water — use storm water, gray water, recycled water; choose drought-resistant plants;

5) Conserve energy — reduce need for mowing, use efficient outdoor lighting;

6) Protect water and air quality — maximize permeable surfaces, minimize pesticide use, plant trees; and

7) Create wildlife habitat — provide food, water and shelter for birds and beneficial insects.



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