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Real Estate - May 13, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1110 Hobart St. C. Vonhungen, replace furnace, $8,700

570 St. Frances Place D. Walsh, re-roof, $21,875

1301 Hobart St. J. Knowles, re-roof, $13,918

308 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp, rearrange equipment, $252,000

306 Constitution Drive Tyco Electronics Corp, relocate equipment for te connectivity, $17,000

1364 Carlton Ave. U. Valdivias, red tag shed, $2,500

11 Greenwood Place C. Stevenin, convert part of garage and utility room to master bed, bath, closet, $25,000

40 Anderson Way G. Hanoch et al., re-roof, $17,698

200 Constitution Drive David D. Bohannon Org., new outdoor generator, $60,000

1765 Bay Laurel Drive J. Dubois, replace electrical mast, $1,800

520 Laurel St. C. Gertner, replace condensing unit, $4,000

209 Mckendry Drive A. Lin, remodel kitchen, dining room, living room, skylights, $20,000

720 Santa Cruz Ave. L. Miller family, replace AC units, $20,000

3826 Alameda de las Pulgas C. Grove, remodel bathroom, $40,000

1160 O'brien Drive J. Muscarella, install generator, new panels, $35,000

1030 Siskiyou Drive R. Quiros, arbor, gas line for portable gas grill, $n/a

765 Magnolia St. W. Kinsey, re-roof, $2,501

363 Oak Grove Ave. M. Paramo, replace furnace in attic, $7,935

529 Pope St. A. Hilbert, sewer, $2,300

823 College Ave. S. Vandevelde, fire pit, barbecue grill, $20,000, above ground portable spa, $n/a

414 Sand Hill Circle L. Matney et al., remodel bathroom, $8,500

1005 Hamilton Court Willow Park Holding Co LLC, commercial tenant improvement, construct cafe, $222,000; alter entrance softly, $63,000

530 Central Ave. C. Lee, re-roof, $6,000, re-roof garage, $2,000

856 Partridge Ave. A. & A. Weil, new photovoltaic solar system, $14,000; re-roof, $13,340

1055 Valparaiso Ave. W. Grafstrom, re-roof, $23,500

8 Hewlett Drive D. Andersen, model bathroom, $10,000

949 Alice Lane Weiden Family ca property LLC, replace water heater, $425

333 Ravenswood Ave. Stanford Research Institute, tie in chilled water pipe, $2,600

945 Monte Rosa Drive T. Peterson, new AC unit, $8,500

31 Hallmark Circle C. Higgerson, repair deck, $n/a

2461 Sharon Oaks Drive M. Ferro, remodel kitchen, $n/a

1880 Oak Dell Drive D. Wood, re-roof, $18,000

2140 Santa Cruz Ave. Sells, remodel kitchen, bath, $10,000

3 Heritage Place A. Cheng, replace furnace, add AC unit to back yard, $8,700

3585 Haven Ave. Tanklage family partnership, provide separate metering, $14,000

1860 Oak Knoll Lane D. Bieselin, re-roof, $78,841

2550 Sand Hill Road Sand Hill Place III LLC, commercial tenant improvement, $175,000

2360 Branner Drive K. & R. Perkocha, convert half of garage to office, $10,000

700 Alma St. City of Menlo Park, new trash enclosure, $2,000

Palo Alto

836 Southampton Drive V. & S. Bhatia, interior remodel: three bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, re-roofing, $74,500

1501 Page Mill Road Hewlett Packard, ADA upgrade to fitness center, $400,000

3000 El Camino Real Bldg.3, Ste. 130 Equity Office Properties, tenant improvement for speculative suite, $50,000; Ste. 100 tenant improvement for First Tech Credit Union, $125,000

635 Waverley St. Kennon Charles trustees, add generator, enclose, $50,000; trash enclosure, $8,000

3732 Starr King Circle R. & M.Ripley, replace kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sink, install cork floor, upgrade electrical panel, $6,500

1205 Fulton St. McCue/Van Holson, new pool and spa, $50,000

1646 Portola Ave. Z. Sarantis, remodel bathroom, $n/a

3375 Stockton St. D. Harris, new electrical panel, new GFCI in bath, kitchen, replace angle stops, $n/a

517 Byron St. A. Heidata, new dental office, $238,000

3165 Ramona St. J. Cheng, kichen, bathrooms, laundry room, electrical, $65,000

3123 Avalon Court D. Wong & L. Liu, remodel and addition, $72,600

3415 Greer Road G. & D. Kuokka, remodel kitchen, $69,000


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