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Real Estate - May 6, 2011

Building permits

Menlo Park

1275 Willow Road A, B, C, D Menlo Gateway Inc., re-roof, $21,261

316 Grayson Court J. Cromie, re-roof, $10,100

250 Waverley St. 6 M. Cox, replace forced-air furnace, $2,150

915 Hobart St. P. & S. Robinson, add 160 sq ft to back of house for remodel, $170,000

1010 Hamilton Court AMB Property L P, commercial tenant improvement for Pacific Biosciences, $366,290

325 Sharon Park Drive Oyster Inc. Lessee, replace dry-cleaning equipment for Sharon Heights Cleaners, $4,000

155 Jefferson Drive R. Fields, commercial demolition of walls, $5,000

1225 Bay Laurel Drive ABCC Devel LLC, temporary power pole, $n/a

1080 Hamilton Ave. AMB Property L P, install oxidation test tool with support equipment for Rennovia, $25,000

2027 Menalto Ave. T. Fang, demo old house, $8,000

316 Ivy Drive E. Castellanos, legalize laundry space, remodel kitchen and bath, insulate entire house, drywall, new roof truss, waste line to city sewer lateral, $78,000

275 Santa Margarita Ave. W. Evans, re-roof accessory structure, $2,100

316 Durham St. C. Andrews, remodel kitchen, $2,500

1120 Madera Ave. V. Robledo, relocate furnace to attic and install new attic access, $10,500

515 Moray Drive N. Blackledge, replace furnace, $6,900

1015 Monte Rosa Drive D. & X. Lee, new 4,039-sq-ft, two-story house, $850,000

1360 Willow Road Willow Park Holding Co LLC, replace air handlers on roof, $145,000

1350 Willow Road Willow Park Holding Co LLC, replace two rooftop units and control air compressor, $145,000

246 Felton Drive S. Zanolii, add powder room in garage, lighting, washer dryer, remodel bathroom, $30,000

690 Sharon Park Drive R. Spieker, relocate bathroom, install exterior siding, $25,000

1075 Windsor Way J. Clendenim, remodel kitchen, $55,000

550 Grace Drive W. Bettinger, new trellis, outdoor fireplace, barbecue, $10,000

1275 Willow Road Menlo Gateway, wall heater, water heater, vent bath fan, vent kitchen hood, $n/a

224 Oak Court C C. Fields, replace 100-amp fuses, install breaker panel, $2,500

935 Woodland Ave. J. Prudhomme, remodel bathroom, $10,000

Palo Alto

2340 Dartmouth St. Y. Wu, Wec & Associates, construct new detached one-car garage, $10.700

614 Marion Ave. C. Czarnecki, remodel master bathroom, $16,000

15 Morton St. C. Hoffman trust, remodel kitchen, bathrooms, $45,000

4012 Scripps Ave. S. Shtiegman, remodel bathroom, demolish addition done without a permit, $8,000

101 Alma St. #405 H. Sawris, relocate plugs, add tracks, $2,500

341 Carolina Lane H. & C. Fiennes, replace windows, $3,122

1741 Middlefield Road D. Seligson, remodel bathroom, add new bathroom, replace door and windows, new skylights, $69,999

180 El Camino Real #101 interior non-structural demolition, $n/a

3500 Deer Creek Stanford University, 245 IDF closets, lights and exhaust duct, $n/a; install four battery charging stations for Tesla Motors, $45,000; equipment fit up, $100,000; install pallet racking, $15,000

2660 Bryant St. Y. Huang, new one-car detached garage, $11,227

1801 Page Mill Road#300 Arnold & Porter, commercial tenant improvement, $300,000

780 Webster St. C. Carr, remodel kitchen (new cabinets, granite counter tops, hardwood floors, new appliances), $32,000

714 Ramona St. R. & V. Valenti, remodel kitchen and bathroom, raise ceiling, $38,000

959 Loma Verde E. Prentice, remodel bathroom, $5,500

600 Sand Hill Road Hyatt, new electrified door, $n/a

3921 Fabian Way Oshman Family JCC, tenant improvements for new café, kitchen, bathrooms, offices and seating, $368,000

675 El Camino Real Palo Alto Hotel Development Venue, modify wireless facility, $15,000

324 University Ave. 324 Café Inc., N. Dewan, tenant improvement to Slider Bar, new hood, $n/a

1083 Moffett Circle A. Ratkovic, termite repair, seismic upgrade of roof, skylight, $25,000

3221 Ross Road J. Kim & K. Lee, add master bathroom, remodel kitchen, add new gas fireplace, $66,000

575 High St. 575 High St. LLC, new partition wall and new door, $17,000

1900 Webster St. E. & M. Gavrieldy, remodel master bath, replace window, $67,000

1314 College Ave. H. Chang, remodel kitchen and bathroom, new deck and patio door, $50,000

4025 Ben Lomond Drive S. Bullington & P. Fenstra, add guest room and bath, remodel kitchen, $127,000

395 Page Mill Road Whisman Ventures, interior tenant improvement with new partitions, lighting, ceiling, $850,000; remodel Room 117, $83,000

814 Oregon Ave. D. Liu, remodel bathrooms, relocate laundry area, $74,000

245 El Carmelo Ave. J. Law, replace tub, sink, toilet, tile, new fan, light, $5,000

320 Kellogg T. Ronzette, new coping, tile, plaster, new skimmer, repair pipes, $20,000

494 University Ave. J. Jang, new yogurt store, $200,000

1620 Cowper St. J. & C. Gunn, modify roof at rear of house to conform to proposed lot line adjustment, $35,000

830 Lytton Ave. B. & J. Liu, second-floor addition, remodel kitchen, bathroom, $250,000; rebuilt one-car garage, $24,000

1125 Oregon Ave. W. Chin, remodel bedroom/bathroom, $16,600

2340 Dartmouth United Stephens LLC, demolish garage, $n/a; demolish house, $n/a

101 Alma St. #708 A. Lee, hook up new laundry, remodel bathroom, $9,500

727-G Loma Verde M. Adams, remodel kitchen, $n/a

575 High St. M. Tsai, replace air conditioning unit, $99,000

1653 Mariposa J. Kwok & R. Lee, remodel bathroom, $7,500

320 University Ave. Wilber Property Management, tenant improvement for new bar, "The Bar - by Madame Tam," $40,000

1510 Page Mill Road Stanford/ M. Gaul, add security door to main lobby entrance, $24,500

1563 El Camino Real N. Solvason, interior and structural fire damage, $n/a

2391 Ross Road T. & C. Dewees, remodel bathroom, $15,000